Pokerstars Home games thread (for Covid19 distraction)



  • I'll probably be playing so I will if I do play.
  • @compuease game was just for fun tonight - not enough players at start
  • I placed third and there was a chop between waltz & ItsAMe

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    Is this a "bad beat"?

    Also, COFFINs variance is unbelievable. Here are his last shown hands; JJ, 7Aoff, 9Joff made Q high straight, JAsuited beat counterfeited small pocket pair with Ace high, AT off which beat KJ suited, not to mention the ones won uncontested.

    Variance in favor of certain players is luck?

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    What were his positions at the time, what was the pre flop action, post flop action? You know range changes based on your position number of players, number of BB left, player to your left. Also just FYI should not scrutinize or question others players publicly it's just poker respect. If you learn something about a player keep it to yourself and exploit it...

    And no this is not a bad beat just shitty luck to be honest.. now if A hit on the flop then turn river gave someone else a Full House or flush or straight then that's a bad beat as you had the nuts then it was taken form you!
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    Also Henry, have a look at the tracking spreadsheet, you will see how it evens out. It's not as if Coffin is making a fortune you know.. He has had a couple of good runs but so have others... Not me of course, i have to rely on skill.. :)
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    Everyone please have a look at the schedule for next week. I have added Short deck holdem and Fusion. Also note that I don't have a choice for Superstack (20K) anymore so Tuesdays, which used to be a Superstack turbo, now is a Doublestack 10 min blinds.
    Check out short deck (6+ HE) and Fusion on stars and give them a try ahead of time if you like.
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    @thisORthat just a cool statistic of AA, AKs, AKo for me over 72K cash hands, the column in red is my win percentage at showdown


  • Sorry guys I won't be playing tonight as I am going to a grandsons baseball... Woopee, hopefully all goes well..
    Assuming you get enough players can a couple of you keep track of any rebuys and let me know? I can get the rest of the results when I get home..
  • compuease wrote: »
    Sorry guys I won't be playing tonight as I am going to a grandsons baseball... Woopee, hopefully all goes well..
    Assuming you get enough players can a couple of you keep track of any rebuys and let me know? I can get the rest of the results when I get home..

    Not looking good - only 4 so far. Have fun at the game!
  • Here is screenshoot of final hand. I'm not certain of re-buys though
  • Can somebody explain why the board didn't play the heart flush?

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    @thisORthat Because in Omaha you have to use 2 cards from your hand and 3 from the board
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  • Hey Comp. Gogie took 3rd, CCRP took 2nd and Addicted won for tonights' Fusion game FYI
  • Got it and already updated. Good job.
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    Great final 3 at tonight NL game, back and forth back and forth all 3 of us but with a final jam and call on a club heavy board on the flop, both players with flush draw MrCaspan with a back door gut shot straight draw, victory was decided! Good Game All!

    Finishing for tonight's game

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    I think ItsAme was the only re-buy?
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    Tonights game cancelled, only 3 entries... I think we will play this week out and then cut back to 3 games a week, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Likely only stick to NL variants as that is what gets the best turnouts... If the poor atendance still continues and we have trouble getting at least 10 players we can terminate, I will pay everyone out and maybe try again in the fall..
  • I agree. If we cut down to one game a week , maybe Friday night and make it a $20 game. Just food for thought.
  • Personally. now that I am back in the office, I can't predict when I will be home in time to play, so I can't always register ahead. I tried tonight, but withdrew when there were only 3 of us, since it was likely to be cancelled.
    I think run every night and if there are nights when it's not enough people, it's just for fun - like we have done other times when there hasn't been 6 by start time.
  • If everyone knows that there is a game on a particular day(s) then you could prepare and plan ahead of time. I feel for comp Organizing and then cancelling these games. To repeat myself “absence makes The heart grow fonder” and nlh seems to be the fav
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    Check next weeks schedule in the tracking thread, will actually only run NL games of different formats every 2nd night to see if we get a better crowd.
  • I do intend on getting back to these.. just been very tiring / busy of late oddly enough. I miss you people!

  • Actions>words.
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    Actually I have created the games for next week, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and a special $20. NL freezout on Friday with 10K chips and 15 min blinds. If we got 2 tables I estimate it will take 5 hrs give or take. The other 3 are all NL as well with varying formats. The Sunday game is Short Deck. Let's see what happens.. Curious to see if we get more than a half dozen for the $20. game... I have been asked for it, now see who steps up..
  • Hey Comp for tonight's game. Gogie 3rd, CoffinNail 2nd and Addicted 1st.. whoopp!!
  • Gotcha.. congrats
  • Bonsior! I just entered the virtual poker room to see no HORSE. My best guess is that it was cuncelled due to lack of willing participants. Also, looks like only addicted to the summer of sixty-nine is left in tomorrows $20 game... I'd be willing to play heads up if you're game @Addicted ?

    Comp, if he agree's I'll punt you the digital currency.
  • I still might join, but it’s a game time decision.
  • hey Comp. only 4 played which did not count so play money only. Addicted, CoffinNail, ThisorThat and M.Itsame entered FYI
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