Bechtel Doon South Main Event!

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Hey all!

So, for those that know, and those that don't.... the Bechtel game has been on hiatus because we were a bit preoccupied telling cancer to go fuck itself. Now that that's done, let's gamble!

I'm curious if there would be enough (sustained) interest for an afternoon multiple table cash game, or if I should just stick with a tourney followed by cash. Here's what I'm thinking:

Either game will be held Saturday September 23rd at 1 pm start time

Option A:

Regular tournament, with cash game to follow. Likely starting in the afternoon though, perhaps 1:00 p.m.

Option B:

Lower stakes cash game, likely .25/.50, with one table being NLHE and the other table being dealer's choice (within reason - we aren't playing like wild cards and shit). A third table would also be a possibility if there was enough interest. Again, starting at 1 pm. going until whenever.


After a week of polling, the tournament seems to be the overwhelming favorite, so we'll be doing that.

$50 buy in, 1 pm start, doors open at noon if you're bored.

Text or message me here if you need the address / my number. See you on the 23rd!

If you're interested, please respond which you would be in for, and which you'd vote for as a preference (didn't there used to be a way to hold polls?)


1. Drtyore
2. Mr. Caspan
3. Shtebs
4. Twothreee
5. Papa
6. g2
7. Niks
8. Shankar
9.Beach 2002
10. HolyMackanaw
11. Profisher
12. Roconnor
13. Stumeister
14. Moose
15. Datamn
16. Moose311
17. Janetp
18. Chaitu9
19. Steve P
20. Studog
21. Woog
22. MikeTex
23 Jawse
24. Rohit
25. Waltsfriend

Wait List:

1. Tbd



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