What’s the worst you’ve been angled?

I once made the mistake of not protecting my cards. Neighbouring player mucked their hand onto mine. Which grilled my play. After rivering a boat versus villain across the table who simultaneously likely made Broadway. First time at that particular poker room. So unsure who the regs were. Or who's who's.

Took it in stride. Lesson learned.

I should have known better; "protect your hand at all times".

Then again I may have been graciously saved if villain had made quads on the river.
Instead of the more oblivious straight. {perhaps only the actions of a poor sport; not angling?}


  • Once at the casino I had a guy "accidentally" say he had a full house at showdown in an attempt to try to get me to muck my hand without showing. I refused and waited for him to table his hand and he was like "oops, sorry I have trips actually". Guy next to me later told me this asshole tries that all the time against players he doesn't know.
  • That would piss me off. I get bluffing before showdown and saying what ever you want. But once it comes to show down its time for truth. game is over now. That is a dick move, i almost think I would call the floor.
  • Going to @trigs game and not winning a pot for 6 hours. Obviously Trigs game is rigged...lol
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    trigs wrote: »
    Once at the casino I had a guy "accidentally" say he had a full house at showdown...

    Not uncommon for 'casino' play. Being aware of angles from unknown players may use is helpful.

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