Poker in Ontario....No Poker Stars?

i dont know how to link stuff, but there is an article on2Plus2 discussion board about new perameters of online Ontario.....i read the thread and clicked on some links that were posted, but im still confused....some are saying that Poker Stars will withdraw from Ontario....if thats the case , how the heck do i pull money from my account


  • Wow that sucks if that's true.
  • has anyone here been following the Ontario Poker thread at 2plus2.........i have $ there and im still confused about what will happen to my account once online gambling starts in early April here in ont
  • My understanding...

    Any sites operating in Ontario will have to limit the player pool to Ontario residents only. Nobody living outside of the great Doug Ford kingdom will be allowed to play against one another.

    I'm not sure if this means p* will be compliant with this and or enforce it to be recognized as a poker site we can access here. I'd assume if they do, monies and accounts will proceed as usual, but the tournaments, cash games etc will only be able to draw from a vastly reduced pool of players. This means the guarantee tournaments, any of the big tourneys and such are just not accessible to us anymore.

    Thanks again Conservatives.

  • GG Poker got a license so I'd assume PokerStars will too. However, being limited to just Ontario residents is going to really lower the player pools and guarantees. Games might be softer though (if they still run that is).
  • i like playing the 6 player sit and goes..........but sometimes they take quite awhile to fill up......with only Ontario will take even longer...
  • It was fun while the party lasted. I guess I'll have to find a new hobby.
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