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  • 5 bet win, was the risk worth it?

    Also just to go with that. From all the book I have read as long as what ever you do was for an actual reason and you can explain the reason later and feel justified then thats playing smart poker. If you didnt know what to do so you guessed and did random things without thinking, thats bad poker. Evaluating the hand after write it down and thats whats important. Everyone else is always going to have an opinion on somthing that is different then how you think for what ever reason. I think it was Eric Seidel that i took that quote the most literal from the Maria Konnikova book The Biggest Bluff when Eric just said to Maria after a huge hand and she wanted to complain or whine or talk about a hand or a bad beat. Did you have a plan and did you follow through or did you just blindly stab at it, did you have a read, what were the stacks effective, what kind of opponent were you playing" paraphrasing here not exact quote but you get the point. Sounds like you have about 80% of that in you initial post but sounds like an online game so easy to replay the facts after but during the hand you have to be thinking of these things and as long as you were and had a plan story to you carried out and told then thats smart poker and learning from mistakes and loosing the hand does not mean you made a mistake it was just the outcome of the hand.
  • Hey everyone

    There are not a lot of players from Southern Ontario London area but more the Kitchener waterloo Cambridge, Hamilton, Toronto area but would love to have some players and interest form London! If you want please feel free to ask your friends to join and post their games here. With COVID it has been hard to get games going and all the politics around vaccinations etc. If you want you can go to this thread and prove to @DrTyore that you are vaccinated and I will give you a badge that shows you have proven you are vaccinated. This in no way is official but if people want it for their games for all visitors to be vaxxed it's their house, their choice and it makes life easier for them to see if you are vaxxed or not. You are also welcome to prove your vaccination only to that host so you don't have to have a badge. Also if you do host some games and a trusted forum member goes a few times they can vouch for you as a games host and I'll give you a home games host badge that shows you are not running a prostitution ring disguised as a poker game although some member prefer "little person" something about Las Vegas and what happens there actually didn't stay there... it helps new member trust homes games there are safe.
  • Hey Pals!

    hit on soft 17 ALWAYS!!!
    Toronto Pimp