Noble Court Summer Championship

edited June 9 in Poker Games
The Noble Court Social Club (east Hamilton) will be hosting a Wednesday evening game/league in addition to our Monday events beginning July 10, 6:30 pm. It will run for 8 weeks (a players top 5 scores count towards $$$ prizing). In our formats there are both nightly prize pools and season prize pools. For example, the Wednesday league Buy In is $30, with $10 set aside for the season pool. No rakes. The scoring format is 8 points down to 1 at final table, which truly identifies the best player over time. Some the regions premier players will be in attendance, so if you are up for a challenge, this is your opportunity. One table has already been filled and one to go. Chip Stack 15K, Blinds are conventional, 15 min, 100/200,200/400 etc. They will rise rather dramatically after the break as it is a week night etc. An Add-On for 25K will be available. Great fun, fierce competition, comfortable space, DM me or email for more info. Cheers!
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