• No one asked for this did they? Like why is Ontario protecting us if as poker players we did not ask for this? Or was it just a cash grab by Ford?

    I hate it i have like 16 players each night at my $25/ NL not enough players at all.. then you get 4 people at the table. I dont want to play a cash game with 4 players...
  • No idea why we got segregated to just Ontario players. Definitely sucks. Hopefully GG can convince them to open it up again.
  • part of the reason why they say they did it was because of it's in Ontario player versus an Ontario player. they can protect us as well as the site has to operate in Ontario and have an Ontario license. so if if the company screws us over the Ontario government can protect us.. that's how it was sold to us. it's for our protection. I think Ontario just wanted a piece of the action and was getting nothing
  • >I think Ontario just wanted a piece of the action ...

    Just like the "legalization" of marijuana. Introduced regulations for 'the man' to collect more taxes.
    Used to only be a few laws under the Criminal Code. Now dozens of new laws regulating it.
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