Biweekly tournament next one Friday March 15th

I will be hosting my second biweekly tournament on Friday March 15th
and then every two weeks after that. Play begins a 6:00


$50.00 entry

$10.00 Optional hi hand

100 chips to start

Unlimited $20.00 rebuys if your chip stack is 10 or less for the first two hours. 100 chips for rebuy.

$40.00 Add on for an additional 200 chips. All money returned in prizes.

Blinds are 1-2 for the entire rebuy period. First blind level after buy in is 5/5 so you would have 60 big blinds even if you lost all your chips on the last hand (two hours into the tournament)
15-minute blinds start after the rebuy period ends. They move to 20 minutes when we hit the bubble.

30 players maximum. Week 1 we had two full tables (with 4 no shows). Approximately 1 in 5 win prizes.
If we hit 3 full tables first prize could be around $1,000.

Tournament on the West Hamilton Mountain.
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