Tournament on Hamilton Mountain Friday March 1st at 6:00 pm

Its been suggested that we add a few more blinds to increase play so I thought I would ask for suggestions. We have a maximum of 20 players. during the rebuy period the blinds stay at one/two the whole time. After that we are going to do 15 minute blinds moving to 20 minutes when we hit the bubble. so if we are paying 3 then we go to 20 minute blinds at 4, if 4 paying then 5, etc.

So here is our blinds as they are today. I am looking for input on adding a few new levels to give more play. 5/5, 5/10, 10/15, 15/25, 20/40, 30/60, 40/80, 50/100, 75/150. 100/200, 150/300, 200/400 and then doubles after that(though we have never got that far). With rebuys and add-ons for 20 players we are around 10,000 maximum chips in play. What levels should we add?


  • How long do you want the tournament to run? General understanding is a tournament will end when the big blind is ~5% of the total chips in play. So, with ~10K chips in play, it should finish around the 500BB level.

    Depending on how long you want it to run, blind amounts and times can be adjusted accordingly.
  • I want the players to feel that it was a fair test and that they got value for their tournament dollars. So at least add a level 12 of 250/500 and 13 or 300/600 before look at doubling. When |Look maybe add a 10/20 between three and four (10/15, 15,25) and a level between eight (50/100) and nine (75/150) of 60/120. I also might add a level of 125/250.

    so 5/5, 5/10, 10/15, 10/20, 15/25,20/40, 30/60, 40/80, 50/100, 60/120, 75/150, 100/200, 125/250, 150/300, 250/500, 300/600, 500/1000, and then doubles.
  • Well, some of your level jumps are awkward. I’d recommend something like:

    5/10, 10/20, 15/30, 20/40, 40/80, 60/120, 100/200, 150/300, 200/400, 250/500, 300/600, 400/800, 500/1000, 700/1400, 1000/2000, 1500/3000…..

    This should keep a similar level of playabilty and smoother jumps.

    This should be more levels than you need for 10k total chips, but if you do need more maybe not double every level afterwards as it just becomes a bingo-fest at the end.

    Just a thought
  • If anything were to change, I would recommend changing the timing of the blinds before the blinds levels themselves.

  • Just bumping it back up. We have 18 confirmed so looking for two more. Made a few changes as suggested by trigs and others. Main ones are going to 15 minute blinds (up to 20 minutes when we hit the bubble to give those who cash a little more play) and decreasing the rebuy period when the blinds do not go up so we still might end around the same time.
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