$100 mixed tournament (pineapple, 4 card Omaha hi/lo, Omaha 5 rotation)

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I’ll be having a mixed tournament April 13th at 1:00pm in Cambridge. The format will be 25 minute blinds with a rotation of: Pineapple, 4 card Omaha hi/lo and 5 card Omaha hi.
Looking to fill 16 spots, but could accommodate up to 24 if necessary and top 3 or 4 will pay accordingly.
I’m sure there’s other details I’m missed, flip me a message if you have any questions.


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    1. Rtj3333
    2. Peter J
    3. Craig H
    4. Sheila B
    5. Mike B
    6. Bruno
    7. Shankar
    8. Frank T
    9. Mark B (DrTyore)
    10. Walter
    11. Marty
    12. Justin
    13. Allan (DataMn)
    14. Trigs
    15. Flash 05
    16. Dom
    17. George

  • In please
  • Put me in, and I'll confirm asap.

  • If this is in KW, I would like a seat.
  • King Mob wrote: »
    If this is in KW, I would like a seat.

    Knew I forgot something, it’s in Cambridge. I can DM the address if needed
  • Have to pass on this one.
  • Still a ways away, but I’m close to filling two tables. If I get over 16 I will run a third table but will need to procure one if that is the case.

    Keep grinding everyone
  • In please.
  • Hey all , I will changing the start time of this tournament to 1:00pm to accommodate for other activities I have planned later that day and make it easier to accommodate other evening games as well
  • Rebuys allowed?
  • Haven’t gotten that far yet. But re-buys till first break is what I’ll likely do. Definitely no add-ons though
  • I'll take a seat
  • Sounds good flash
  • I’m over 16 now so will be doing 3 tables and will now max out at 24.
  • Sorry can't make it anymore
  • Back to 15 again
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