Wanted: New set up of Kems/Copags....

...or other high end cards.


Anyone have an extra set that are not in use?


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    New or used, I don't think these prices can be beat.


    Edit: shipping is fucking crazy but if you call, they probably will work out something better. Or message Buddy, maybe he can pick some up for you as he is in Vegas right now.
  • It's difficult to find decent cards around here. Only place I know is straight poker supplies, but KEMs are pretty pricey from there. They do have Copags though.
  • If you want a set of used WSOP let me know.
  • Ps not used by me, I bought them from WSOP reseller. I use the same in my game.
  • woog30 wrote: »
    If you want a set of used WSOP let me know.

    That's very nice of you to offer, but I need a brand new set as it's a Christmas present. Thanks though!

    I ended up ordering off of Amazon. Oh well
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