Watch for this scam!

The club on ClubGG called "Club for Kings" is a scam!
I was contacted through a facebook group from Joshua Exo (facebook), aka kingexotics01 (telegram), about joining his club.
I deposited $300 when i joined and then realized that games rarely run so i asked for some of my money back and was ghosted for a whole weekend (where poker players are most active) then that Sunday night and was told he is busy on the weekends, which I thought was wierd. Finally, I saw a game running and jumped in, and I won a bit that night. Again, the following week, i again asked for a cashout, and yet again, i was ghosted! The following week, after Im already mad, he messages me about how "i always do this" refering to asking on a weekend, but STILL didn't pay me back. I posted him as a scammer in the facebook group he reached out to me in and continued asking for him to pay me out! After posting him, he finally responded, saying that since i posted him as a scammer, he "will treat me like one" as if that's not some bullshit excuse to not pay!
The $300 is whatever but i feel obligated to warn others from making the same mistake i did


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