Bristol St Poker - 2023 Event #9 "THE DEEPSTACK" - $40 Freezeout - Fri, Oct 27th

Apologies to woog for booking on the same night, this was the only night coming up that works for me. Our second last event of the year will be a straight $40 freeze-out deepstack. Come for the tournament, stay for the degen cash games that follow. (Or head to woogs)
Bristol Street Poker at the Compound presents...

<3 THE DEEPSTACK - 2023 - EVENT #9 <3
No-Limit Texas Hold'em Freeze-out
FRI, Oct 27th - 7:00pm
(doors open at 6:45pm)

$40 - 20 Min levels - 40,000 Chips - 24 player max.

$$$ Pay-outs $$$
1st place - 40%
2nd place - 27%
3rd place - 19%
4th place - 14%
(Top 3 with 2 tables, Top 5 with 4)

Late players: If you know you're going to be late, let me know and a seat and chips will be set out for you and you will post blinds and fold until you arrive.

If you do not let me know that you'll be late, we'll keep your chips out for a level and then remove then. You can buy in when you show up, but will pay a penalty of 4 rounds of blinds/ante per level (or partial level you miss)

The tournament will last approximately 5-6 hours. Seating is limited to 24 players. (8 max tables) Please reserve your seat in advance!! The final table will form with 9 players left.

Cash game chips will be available as tables open up. (Suggested .25/.50 $60 max)

As always, tournaments at The Compound are rake-free!!


  • edited October 2023

    1. Zithal
    2. Jojo (T)
    3. roconnor
    4. LJSimpson
    5. DrTyore
    6. Sammywitt
    7. Vijay (L)
    8. King Mob (L)
    9. HolyMackana
    10. Beach2002
    11. BigMac (shawndm)
    12. Rebeller
    13. Vincent
    14. JohnnieH
    15. Chaitu9
    16. ThisOrThat
    17. Jojo+1
  • I am in.
  • No worries, we’d likely have mostly different clientele and I’ll be going almost every Friday so there always several games going on.
  • Please sign me up. Thanks!
  • Hey Rob

    Sign me and Yuliana up please... but - she's not 100% this week, so reserves the right to back out last minute-ish. Will try to give as much notice as she can.

  • In, please.
    I will be late.
  • jojo wrote: »
    I am in.

    Actually, can you please put me as tentative for now? Thanks.
  • In
  • Please add Vincent
  • In please!!
  • It's Ryan's game rtj3333 not woog30
  • Count me In please!!
  • Yuliana will not be coming tonight, but I'm still in.

  • Final bump of the night. We're at 14 players which means I'll be limiting the tournament to 2 tables. (Going to 9 each, if needed). Still room if you'd like a seat!
  • Any seats left for tonight? If yes, please add me to list
  • cINnamon !!!
  • I am
    jojo wrote: »
    jojo wrote: »
    I am in.

    Actually, can you please put me as tentative for now? Thanks.

    I will be there. Also, I have a friend who is interested in coming.
  • hero [QhJh]

    flop villain [TdTc] bet 3k, i raise to 10k expecting a fold
    turn villain jammed for ~12.4k where i had 3pair

    #RiverStars [Kh] doesnt ever cease to 'amaze'(/s) me

    I honestly cant understand how villains make stupid draws so often
    and can phathom why villain called my raise or the reasoning to donk jamming

    other than... can beat stupid ? must be nice always getting there!!!

  • thisORthat- the V obviously married their pocket pair and got very lucky twice to go runner-runner. Meh.

    Thanks for another great night, Zithal. Sign me up for the next one.

    Congrats to Beach2002 on the win.
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