Dealers choice cash game

Looking to start back up with a $.50/$.50 dealers choice cash game. It will be dealers choice orbits with $2 bomb pots at the end of each orbit. Games will be held fridays at 7:00pm in north Cambridge. Have both one or two tables in the past. Let me know if interested.


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    For anyone that has played cash games run by either Woog30 or Moose, the game will be run in a similar manner and likely have some familiar faces.

    1. Rtj3333
    2. Peter J
    3. Bruno
    4. Shankar
    5. DataMn
    6. Craig H
    7. Woog30
    8. g2
    9. George W

    1. Sanjay
  • Interested
  • Sounds good
  • If anyone needs the address, I can DM that to you.
  • Sign me up please. Address needed. Thanks!
  • I might be a little late.
  • A few people will be, just let’s us play the fun games for a while LOL
  • Woog, you probably never played with Justin. He's nittier than Jac and Steve combined.
  • He’s not playing this week and I don’t know those people, but a thousand times yes to that comment
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