Moose CHao$ Holdem $5 rebuy tournament

October 13th, 2023
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Friday 7 pm CHao$ Holdem $5 rebuy tournament

Fri Night CHAO$!!!!!!

Doors open 6:30 pm, Cards in the air 7pm

$5 rebuy

Chips to be flying everywhere. $5 gets you 1000 chips. You may rebuy at 1000 chips or less. Optional $5000 chip addon at the end of 4 levels for $10

Levels will be 20 minutes with the game continuing until we have a champion. Up to 4 tables.

(PS. If you're not a fan of a lot of randomness, please stay FAR away from this event. If you prefer your poker serious, you may wish to wait for another time.)

Cash Game: $.50/.50 $100 max Dealer's Choice before and after tournament

1. torontotblcpt
2. shankargv
3. Trigs
4. Moose311
5. moose
6. STG
7. jacnok
8. k9dr
9. travelgirl
10. ekricket
11. joker80
12. leonard
13. DaveT
14. Mmoose
15. Woog30
16. niks1
17. rtj3333
18. Quimby Duane
19. Rebeller
20. Labeach 2002
21. JohnnieH
22. Martinmc13
23. datamn


  • Hello, is this being held in the kw area? Thanks
  • Cambridge
  • Chaos rules:

    Chaos hold'em is played like a normal tournament, starting with the structure of a regular No-Limit Hold'em tournament.

    Before the players post blinds and antes for the hand, the dealer rolls a d100 (can be done with two ten sided dice) and some additional effect is added to the game for this hand, after consulting the table below. Most effects will only last for the hand being played. To keep the game moving, designate a player to read the result while the dealer deals.

    If NEW GAME is rolled, then players then roll a d10 and consult the NEW GAME section. The New game is played for a single hand, using the adjusted blinds, limits and/or antes listed below.

    The JACKPOT is a common pool of chips added to by each table in play. (ie. There's only one jackpot in play for the whole tournament.)

    If any rule causes you to bust, before the cards are dealt, you get one SB. If a rule causes you to bust after the hand has finished, you also get one SB.

    01: NEW GAME
    02: Bomb Pot! Everyone calls for one sb. Deal the flop and start the hand with post-flop betting. Button does not move after hand is over.
    03: The dealer must muck his cards and put 2BB into the pot. The dealer splits the pot with the winner of the hand
    04: Dealer get 4 hole cards and everyone else two. Dealer MUST use two cards from their hand.
    05: The dealer gives every player 1BB, clockwise around the table.
    06: Players choose one hole card and expose it for the remainder of the hand
    07: The dealer posts 4BBs. If a player calls this bet, all other hands are mucked and the board is run. No more betting occurs
    08: UTG gives the dealer 3BB's.
    09: Four boards are dealt this hand. The pot is quartered between the winner(s) of each board
    10: If everyone folds to the dealer, the dealer must push all-in.
    11: NEW GAME
    12: Anyone folding must turn their cards face up.
    13: The dealer names one player at this table that is not allowed to play this hand. If they pick one of the blinds, they still have to post.
    14: JACKPOT: Each player at this table adds 1BB to it.
    15: Before the flop, turn or river is dealt, but after betting, any player still in the hand may draw 1 or 2 cards or stand pat.
    16: Each player gets dealt four cards. You may play zero, one or two of your cards
    17: Drop the "F" bomb and take a three minute penalty.
    18: Deuces are wild this hand.
    19: The dealer steals the blinds, then a a new hand starts with the same dealer (and another roll)
    20: The dealer names one card. If you go to showdown with that card, and win, you get 1/2 the jackpot. If you go to showdown and lose, you get the entire jackpot (reseed with 5 BBs).
    21: NEW GAME
    22: Everyone at the table gets 1BB from the jackpot!
    23: This hand has one more street (the ocean) and an additional round of betting.
    24: After dealing, everyone gives one hole card to the player to their left. (You may look before passing)
    25: The dealer names a rank. For each rank that appears on the board, all other players give the dealer one chip of the smallest denomination in play.
    26: For this hand, all suits are considered hearts. Flush must be 5 unique ranks.
    27: Deal one extra unseen dummy hand after the dealer. The winner of the hand must also beat the dummy hand to win the pot, otherwise, the dummy wins the pot and donates it to the jackpot.
    28: The worst possible hand wins this hand (2-7 lowball)
    29: Exchange your chip stack with the player with the next highest amount of chips at the table.
    30: The first hole card is dealt face up to whichever player the dealer chooses. Deal the second card as normal.
    31: NEW GAME
    32: For this hand, players are not allowed to raise.
    33: Deal the middle flop card face-down and only reveal it at the end of the hand
    34: If this hand goes to showdown, run a second board.
    35: JACKPOT: Each player at this table adds 2BB to it
    36: High ranking card in the hole, matching the suit of the river card, splits the pot.
    37: Deal burn cards face up, board cards face down. Players make the best hand using the three burn cards, instead of the five board cards.
    38: Exchange your chips stack with the next lowest amount of chips at the table.
    39: Blinds are doubled this hand.
    40: Name a card. If it appears on the board, each player at the tables gives you 3BB.
    41: NEW GAME
    42: 10% of the pot (rounded up) is raked to you.
    43: Seed the pot with 3BB's from your stack
    44: Take one card out of the deck not in play and place it face down where A=SB, 2=BB, 3=UTG, etc... If the winner of the hand is the player you've chosen, you steal the pot.
    45: If you don't win this hand, take 10% (round down) of your stack and divide it evenly amongst the players at the table. (including anyone just eliminated!)
    46: Instead of Hold'em, all players play a round of blackjack. You act as the bank. Standard blackjack rules apply. Max bet is BB. Dealer must stand on all 17s.
    47: Deal two boards this hand. The pot is split between the winners.
    48: Blinds are tripled this hand.
    49: The dealer posts the Big and Small blinds for the respective players
  • 50: After the flop is dealt, betting starts with the dealer and ends with the small blind (counterclockwise).
    51: NEW GAME
    52: For this hand there will be four cards on the flop, two on the turn and two on the river
    53: The blinds play with their hole cards face up this turn.
    54: If a player wins this hand and the Ace of Spades is one of their hole cards, the jackpot adds 10BB to the pot.
    55: Everyone puts 1BB into the pot before the cards are dealt and blinds are posted.
    56: JACKPOT: Each player at this table adds 3BB to it
    57: After the flop betting and before the turn, all players must expose one hole card.
    58: Before you check, call or raise you must name a poker player that's been on TV. If you cannot, you must fold. No repeating.
    59: If the hand goes to showdown, each player still in the hand gets one extra card after the river is dealt
    60: Deuces may also be used of the Ace of that suit.
    61: NEW GAME
    62: Roll one of d10s and gain that many SB's from the jackpot.
    63: The only bet that may be made is "all-in"
    64: Put 10% of your stack in the pot.
    65: Players roll a die to determine how many hole cards they get (deal all at once) 1-3 = 1, 4-6 = 2, 7-8 = 3, 9-0 = 4.
    66: Take 6 chips (draw blind) from the jackpot and deal a 6 card board – 3 flop, 2 turn, 1 river
    67: After the flop is dealt, all players still in the hand may request two new hole cards.
    68: Anyone saying a word that contains the letter E must put 1SB into the pot, (until the pot is won).
    69: Increases your stack size by 10% of the jackpot (rounded up).
    70: Dealer's choice! Pick a NEW GAME to play instead of rolling for it.
    71: NEW GAME
    72: The player with the most chips give 3BB's to the player at your table with the least.
    73: UTG straddles this hand for 2BBs
    74: If the player that wins this hand is the same one as the winner of the last hand, they get an extra 3BB from the jackpot.
    75: Roll one of d10s and put that many SB's into the pot.
    76: Before each round of betting each player rolls a d10. If you roll a 0 you must immediately fold.
    77: JACKPOT: Each player at this table adds 2BB to it
    78: Collect 2BB from the player of your choice with at least 5BB in their stack
    79: Bribe the player of your choice 1BB to sit out this hand. (Not yourself).
    80: Switch positions with anyone at the table. You must move.
    81: NEW GAME
    82: Move to a new table at random switch spots with the current button at that table. If there's only one table left, exchange with the person to your left and post the sb.
    83: Flipament. Everyone calls and runs the board out with their hand face up.
    84: Dealer puts one BB into the pot for each street that's dealt, at the time that the street is dealt, whether they play the hand or not.
    85: Any player still in the hand at showdown tips the dealer 1BB.
    86: Deal one card to each player. Each player has a virtual pocket pair of the card they were just dealt.
    87: If the hand goes to showdown each player still in the hand can take one of the three burn cards and add it to their hand until all the burn cards are exhausted. You may play 0, 1 or 2 cards but not all three.
    88: Absolutely nothing unusual happens.
    89: If a player folds they must roll the die. They must add the following BB to the pot. 1-3 = 1BB, 4-6 = 2BB, 7-8 = 3BB, 9-0 = 4BB.
    90: Everyone gains 2BBs from the jackpot
    91: NEW GAME
    92: JACKPOT: Each player at this table adds 1BB to it
    93: Button straddle of 2BB. Dealer acts last.
    94: If the hand goes to show down, roll a d10 after the river is dealt. If the result is even, deal an ocean with another round of betting.
    95: If you don't like the flop, you may re-deal it once, immediately after it's dealt.
    96: Pick any player. You are heads up with them this hand. You are the dealer (and hence, the small blind)
    97: One card flop, one card turn, 3 card river.
    98: Dealers choice.
    99: Half-JACKPOT WINNER!! Win half the jackpot. No need to re-seed.
    00: JACKPOT WINNER!!!! Re-seed the Jackpot with 5BB's from the bank.

    NEW GAME (SB = Small Blind, BB = Big Blind, BI = Bring in, AN = ante, SL = Small Limit, BL = Big Limit)

    0: Limit Holdem (SL=BB, BL=2xBB, blinds as before)
    1: Pot Limit Omaha (blinds as before)
    2: Limit Omaha8 (Hi/Lo) (SL=BB, BL=2xBB, blinds as before)
    3: Limit Seven Card Stud (SL=BB, BL=2xBB, AN=SB/5(rnddown), BI=2xAN)
    4: Limit RAZZ (SL=BB, BL=2xBB, AN=SB/5(rnddown), BI=2xAN)
    5: Lazy Pineapple (blinds as before)
    6: Limit Badugi (SL=BB, BL=2xBB, blinds as before)
    7: Limit Dramaha (SL=BB, BL=2xBB, one draw, blinds as before)
    8: NL Double board holdem (blinds as before)
    9: Limit Blind man's bluff (SL=BB, BL=2xBB, blinds as before)

    Any game with antes, if the sb/5 is less than the smallest chip in play, then the dealer will post a button ante for everyone.
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  • Rebeller wrote: »

    Can I get your first name?
  • I'd like to sign-up late but was also be late
    arriving closer to 8pm depending on GRT
  • Sure as long as you get here before rebuys end.
  • The winners

  • Are Moose's pictures upside down for anyone else?
  • DataMn wrote: »
    Are Moose's pictures upside down for anyone else?

    Yup. All upside down for me too.
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