Moose Mixed Madness Main Event

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Sat. Oct. 14 - Doors open at 11 am

Food: Moose Winooski's BBQ

1:30 pm Mixed Madness $120 tournament - includes tourney entry and BBQ

Tourney rules:

The Circus Games:

BigO - 5 card pot limit Omaha Hi/Lo

SOHE - Simultaneous Holdem and Omaha - you are dealt six cards which you separate into a holdem and an omaha hand before any betting

Dramaha - best 5 card draw hand split with best Omaha hand

Tahoe Pitch and Roll - 7 card stud hi/low, you are dealt 4 cards, before any betting you decide which card to pitch away and which card to roll as your up card

Games will change every level and are all pot limit games. ie. first level is BigO, second level is SOHE and so on.

For $120, you will receive $50,000 in chips.
Chips will distributed as follows: $10, 000 in chips, 2 $20k lammers, which can
each be exchanged at any time for $20, 000 tourney chips. The lammers are not in play until exchanged for tourney chips.
After four levels (one level of each game) all remaining lammers will be exchanged for chips and the tourney will continue until we have our Mixed Madness Champion!

H. Saturday 1:30 pm Mixed March Madness $120 tournament - includes tourney entry and BBQ

1. LaBeach
2. Shankargv
3. datamn
4. Trigs
5. Niks1
6. moose
7. STG
8. jacnok
9. k9dr
10. travelgirl
11. ekricket
12. joker80
13. leonard
14. AaronS
15. DaveT
16. Martinmc13
17. kwmatt
18. StevePayne
19. mmoose
20. Coordinator
21. JeffS

1. Cindy
2. Grail
3. minimoose


  • Food: catered event by Moose Winooski's

    Food: Moose Winooski's BBQ Ribs
    BBQ Chicken breast
    Plant based Chick'n
    Caesar Salad
    Herb roasted potatoes
    Fresh rolls

    Because this event is catered final deadline for entry/cancellation is Fri. Oct. 6 at 4pm.

    If you require a plant based meal, let me know by that deadline as well, otherwise the "Plant based Chick'n" will be taken off the menu to add more "chicken" breasts.
  • Sorry I can’t make the Saturday anymore.
  • Traffic circle at 401/Homer Watson is closed Sat so don't go that way if coming from KW.
  • Tomorrow is the last day to register for the tournament. Did I mention there is beer?

  • I know I already said I was in on the other post, but I’m going to play it safe and confirm it on this one too.

  • Sorry, I'm out.. Hockey is getting in the way now. Apologies..
  • Would take 1 more to bring it up to an even 7 players per table.
  • Let's try to fill this out, @moose has done alot planning, with a number of people traveling from the USA.
  • One clarification... Tahoe pitch and roll is Stud Hi/Lo8
  • >>and are all pot limit games

    Moose311 and I are banned from sitting at the same starting table :)
  • In if there is room. And I think I left my card protector there last night.
  • Yes, there is room. Come early for cash game if you want.
  • Room for 2 more.
  • Oh the peer pressure. I’m IN. :)
  • One spot left
  • sold out
  • Cash game running pre tourney
  • 22 runners

  • Lots of food left so if you are coming late for cash, you are welcome to dinner as well.
  • Cash running
  • Sorry for bailing early but after not winning a single cash game hand the whole time, and then shoving my stack in stupidly thinking I had the nut low, I think it was time to leave.

    Thanks for the fun meetup moose! Good times!
  • Top 5
    1. Moose 665
    2. Mmoose 410
    3. LaBeach 330
    4. Henri 165
    5. Ekricket 80

  • Thanks for hosting
  • edited October 2023
    Great few days of poker and laughs. Thanks for hosting Rob & Fran! It was tons of fun.
    I’m going to sleep for a week after those late nights
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