Bad Beat


Ran into the cooler of coolers and wasn't lucky enough to be in a casino to hit bad beat bonus


  • Ouch, where were you as this looks like a casino!! what was the hand replay?
  • Home cash game, $1-3 NL. It's a very aggressive game with a $10 rock. Open raise by loose player UG+1 to $60, I flat UG+2 (first mistake but I have position on loose player, we are 300-400 bbs deep). Folds all the way around as I have a snug rep at the table. Flop KK6. Villain checks quads, I bet $50 into $125ish pot, Villain calls. Turn is a 6, now Villain donk bets $75 and I'm putting on KX range so I min raise to $150, Villain calls. River 7, he leads out $100 again and I jam hoping he thinks I have KX as well and he snaps, lost $850
  • yeah the problem with most aggressive wreck players is when they have something good. they just don't know how to let the hand play out like you said he don't led on the river. why would anyone do that unless you're a decent player and you're doing it on purpose to throw somebody off. It's like they get impatient and they're afraid they're not going to get any value out of their hand. What I think hurts more than losing the money is giving it to a player like that, They walk around all smug like they're the best players in the world because they had quads haha. there's no getting away from this hand. it's just a guaranteed all in and it plays out nothing. you could have done different. Even if you raised pre-flop with kings he's going to call but he might re-raise and at that point time you can narrow his range and put them on premium top pair or ace King.

    that's a s***** cooler
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    Actually after playing this out in my head you might have been able to get away from this (not that you want to hear that hehe) You said it yourself you should have raised it's an aggressive table so raising might not narrow their range but normally by raising you narrow their range to premium holding depending if they call or raise which if you had done this you might have gotten you away from it during the flop. A single K on the flop had you beat.. Also they would have been control of the hand if they four bet you pre-flop.. which they should have done at an aggressive table.

    it's amazing the power of a raise vs a flat! It might have saved you haha
  • Nah, no matter what Tricity does you don't get away from this once the flop is out..
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    Nah, no matter what Tricity does you don't get away from this once the flop is out..

    I think he means pre flop 3 bet. I had $850 at the start of the hand, with it being $1-3-10, standard opening raise in this game was in the neighborhood of $45-60, my goal was to flat and set mine playing deep versus take down hand preflop as my 3 bet would be around $180 which would have been close to a fifth of my stack, Villains range was crazy wide as he doing same thing with 83 off suit earlier. Long story short, I checked the odds and quads over quads are 1 in 39,000 so I'm safe for the next 10 years haha jk
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    1/3/10. I hate these kinds of game, they are designed to loose money fast with any hand! it turns it into BINGO and with 85BB it shortens your options for probe betting and range finding. It's I have a had you have a hand all in or fold post flop every hand ... just my opinion though.

    TLDR I Hate straddles!!!
  • If your saying your folding at any point after after the flop, your lying. Your losing to exactly 1 hand. Tough hand, pay the man his money.
  • Not saying I could but the raise pre flop could have given more info but on an aggressive table it might mean nothing also. I agree you are not getting away from it.
  • I seem to recall someone folding a bottom end str8 flush.. >:)
  • everyone keeps forgetting the part that I didn't know I had it :)
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    It's a much better story if we do forget that part..... B)
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