$125 Hold'em Tournament with Bounties

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I will be hosting a tournament on Saturday October 21st 2023

$125 Texas Hold'em Knockout Tournament
($100 Buyin + $20 Bounty + $5 High Hand)
14k in chips + 1k for showing up on time
25 minute levels
40 players max

If any players are eliminated from the tournament within the first four levels I will allow waitlist players to enter if they so choose with a regular starting stack. Will only apply to people who show up that are on the waitlist though.

Top 5 get paid
Located in the Brigadoon area of Kitchener
(Address will be sent out closer to the date to those who need it)
Doors open at 1pm and starts at 1:30pm
Parking available on the street

Cash games will open as players are eliminated
Eliminated tournament players will get priority for cash game

*No Rake*
Any and all money collected goes to prize pools and/or players
Any and all new players are welcome provided someone has either played with and/or has vouched for you.

No Ignorant Asshole policy always in effect



1. Kwmatt
2. Henri B
3. Kal
4. Shankar
5. Jojo
6. Ray S
7. Mike Tex
8. Woog
9. Steve P
10. Tom (From Hamilton)
11. Ana
12. George
13. Chris B
14. Shane P
15. Barno
16. Rebeller
17. Brian M
18. Roconnor
19. Benolds
20. Moose311
21. Daryl
22. Ryan Wils
23. Jawse
25. G2
26. JohnnieH
27. Mark Ab
28. Johnny Daw
29. Sandy
30. Vasko
31. Proffisher
32. Whitey
33. Bobby
34. Luke I
36. Tony B
37. Marc T
38. Datamn
39. Chaitu
40. Buzzzard

Waitlist/ Tentative:


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