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Anyone have a link to a reliable(ish) and up to date Ontario poker site traffic report?
Charts and breakdowns would be nice, but unexpected.


  • I post about the 6 licensed Ontario poker sites in my "Ontario Poker - Woodbine" group on Facebook. PokerStars ON & ggpoker.ca have been averaging -200-300 real money players.
  • Where do you source your data?
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    The cash games on WSOP.ca are easy as hell! None of us are playing at the levels this guy is talking about. we're rec players at best and just play for fun. Not sure why everyone is so worried about rack all the time, unless you are grinding for a living! Like are any of us spending 3K a day playing?
  • Thanks for the responses.

    I should clarify what I'm looking for.

    Links to sites with enough detailed traffic data to make reports ("charts and breakdowns").

    Not third party reporting unless they have source links. If it's posted on a social media forum, I'm not on it. Except for this one.

    Also not asking for anyone to make me charts. No one has done this but I noticed it could be read this way. I'll do my own homework.

    Going to check who the Poker Industry Pro Data Platform is (from thisOrthat's post). See if their subscription price is worth it for our closed market.
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