CNE Casino Trip Report

CNE Casino has 16 cash game tables running with $14 max rake, compared to 12 tables at Woodbine with $20 rake.

The CNE main parking lot was full & blocked off on Sunday night. I was able to use my CNE Casino season passes at another lot & get in for free.

There will be 40 winners from the $200 SNGs for the semi-finals on August 23, then again on August 30. There are currently 20 finalists on September 2. In case any semi-finalist wants to sell their ticket for August 23, please PM me.



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    August 30 at 1 pm is the last semi-final. CNE sells a ticket for $1,680, but all 40 satellites have run so it's all sold out. It is possible to play if you buy somebody's ticket.
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