Bristol St Poker - 2023 Event #7 "The HORSE Championship" - $40 - Friday, Aug 25th

August 25th, 2023
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It's been a HOT MINUTE, but HORSE is returning to Bristol St Poker at the Compound!! Get ready to crown a champion of this 5-game tournament!!
Bristol Street Poker at the Compound presents...

H.O.R.S.E Freezeout
Friday, Aug 25th - 7:00pm
(doors open at 6:45pm)

$40 Buy-in - 20 Min levels - 40,000 Chips - 24 player max.

$$$ Pay-outs $$$
1st place - 40%
2nd place - 27%
3rd place - 19%
4th place - 14%
(Top 3 with 2 tables, Top 5 with 4)

Late players: If you know you're going to be late, let me know and a seat and chips will be set out for you and you will post blinds and fold until you arrive.

If you do not let me know that you'll be late, we'll keep your chips out for a level and then remove then. You can buy in when you show up, but will pay a penalty of 4 rounds of blinds/ante per level (or partial level you miss)

The tournament will last approximately 5-6 hours. Seating is limited to 24 players. (8 max tables) Please reserve your seat in advance!! The final table will form with 9 players left.

Cash game chips will be available as tables open up. (Suggested .25/.50 $60 max)

As always, tournaments at The Compound are rake-free!!


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    1. Zithal
    2. Moose
    3. King Mob
    4. DrTyore
    5. Dumbfishy
    6. Vijay
    7. Captain Optimism
    8. Thiyagu
    9. BigMac
    10. DataMn
    11. Beach2002
    12. beanie42
    13. Kanga
    14. JohnnieH
    15. thisOtThat

    Blinds Schedule (I'll have print outs of this at each table)
    Flop (Small Blind, Small Bet, Big Bet)
    Stud (Ante, Bring-in, Small Bet, Big Bet)

    1. Flop 100/200/400
    Stud 300(Button)/100/200/400
    2. Flop 100/300/600
    Stud 500(Button)/100/300/600
    3. Flop 200/400/800
    Stud 100/200/400/800
    4. Flop 300/500/1000
    Stud 100/200/500/1000
    5. Flop 300/600/1200
    Stud 100/200/600/1200
    6. Flop 400/800/1600
    Stud 200/200/800/1600
    7. Flop 500/1000/2000
    Stud 200/300/1000/2000
    8. Flop 600/1200/2400
    Stud 300/400/1200/2400
    9. Flop 800/1500/3000
    Stud 300/500/1500/3000
    (REMOVE 100 Chips)
    10. Flop 1000/2000/4000
    Stud 500/500/2000/4000
    11. Flop 1500/3000/6000
    Stud 1000/1000/3000/6000
    12. Flop 2000/4000/8000
    Stud 1000/1000/4000/8000
    13. Flop 3k/5k/10k
    Stud 1k/2k/5k/10k
    14. Flop 3k/6k/12k
    Stud 1.5k/2k/6k/12k
    (REMOVE 500 Chips)
    15. Flop 4k/8k/16k
    Stud 2k/2k/8k/16k
    16. Flop 5k/10k/20k
    Stud 2k/3k/10k/20k
    17. Flop 8k/15k/30k
    Stud 3k/5k/15k/30k
    (REMOVE 1000 Chips)
    18. Flop 10k/20k/40k
    Stud 5k/5k/20k/40k
    19. Flop 15k/30k/60k
    Stud 10k/10k/30k/60k
    20. Flop 25k/50k/100k
    Stud 10k/20k/50k/100k
  • In please.
  • I'm in

  • I'm in for this fiasco of fun.
  • In Please
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    Oh yes in for BigMac
  • Time to make my glorious return to Bristol Street Poker!

    DrTyore... there is no die roll to save you in this tournament!
  • Blind schedule has been posted. Please feel free to review and provide comments.

    I'll also have cards to indicate the active game, and will switch as the button passes it.

    Depending on number of players, I'm also strongly considering making this a 6-max event, to help with action and speed up hands/level.

    This is a bit of an experiment, my I'm really looking forward to trying something a little different. :)
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    Bets seem to be starting really high for 25k

    Just to BET/CALL, (nevermind even raising) every street in a SINGLE hand in the 1st level is 500/500/1000/1000 which is 12% of your starting stack. Might be all in in the first orbit!

    One hand capped is 12k or almost half your stack.

    Needs some major adjusting.

    WSOP HORSE $1500 $25k starting

    Doesn't get to 500-1000 until level 4.


  • I am not an expert in blind structure but I've found that since removing the 25 greens the structure is much faster than previous.

    I would agree that the structure for the horse tournament seems fast. I'd hope to get a chance to play all five variations before being all in.
  • Please add me to the list.
  • Mostly just didn't want a limit even to run all evening. I'll look to add another couple levels at the start.
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    Added in the first three levels from WSOP schedule (which is where I based my numbers on too). This will have an effect of adding an additional hour to the game, so my guess it that this may run 6-7 hours now.

    Would keeping the original blind schedule and upping the starting stack to 50k be a good compromise between the two?

    Happy to run it with the additional blinds and use that as a learning opportunity. I recall the first time we ran HORSE (a long while ago), the feedback I got was that the first few levels felt very inconsequential, so I wanted to address that.

    Edit: Dropping level 1A from the above schedule, I think would also be a good compromise.
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    beach2002 wrote: »
    I am not an expert in blind structure but I've found that since removing the 25 greens the structure is much faster than previous.

    I would agree that the structure for the horse tournament seems fast. I'd hope to get a chance to play all five variations before being all in.

    @beach2002 I've heard the same, but the weird part is that the current schedule actually has more play than when we had 25 greens. This is a snapshot of the schedule comparing 25min to 100min. Freezeouts I run with 25k (but even 20k has more play), while rebuys have 10k (to push action). The numbers you see are Level / BB / Total BB in play for each comparison. (Note that in the old schedule, BB Antes didn't kick in until level 5, so that may be part of the perception? Maybe I should track the "M" of each level? )

  • Level 10 starts 4 hrs in. 16 players is 400k.

    Let's just say at that level, 4 players left, 100k each. The players have only 20 big blinds each and only 10 big bets.

    One hand would cost 30k to bet/call every street or a little over 3 hands worth in chips. Each hand would produce a swing of roughly 60% between two players (+30/-30)

    Even if you raise and everyone folds for 3 hands in a row, you increase your stack 3*8k or 24%.

    If just the blinds battle and the small blind raises just the preflop pot is 20k or 1/5 of your stack. If you have any of the flop at all, can you even fold at that point? I don't see it lasting much past that level.

    After 6 hours, level 16 is 15/30/60. One hand called to river is (30+30+60+60)*2 players=360k, almost all the chips in play. Impossible it gets to that level and lasts that long.

    4-5 hrs max.
  • Might be a silly question, but the games in order are....

    Omaha hi/lo
    Stud eight or better (aka hi lo)


  • Renumbered the levels, we'll keep the 200/400 opening level in and see how it goes. If it goes quickly, that's more people for a cash game. ;)

    Correct on the order!
  • Decided to increase starting stack to 40k to make sure there's more opportunity for early play. That starts everyone off with 100 big bets for the first level.
  • The Poker Clock and World Clock are on different times zones - all good 141 am is the new 245 am - thanks for hosting Rob #goodtimes #rushing #dragging #whiplash
  • For reference, with a 40k starting stack, 14 players, and the blind schedule above, the game was still going on at 1:40am. Results, coming soon, but in the end, DrTyore and Thiyagu chopped in level 17 and they dealt a single hand for the winner. If I were to run this again, I'd drop the starting stack back to 25k and remove the first level. (I'd also strongly consider doing a button ante for Stud games) Yes, there was more play earlier, but it went far too late.

    Aside from that, I had a blast playing limit games live! It's a tournament that won't happen often, but deserves a spot in the rotation. I think next season we'll try a mixed Big Bet tournament!
  • Damn it!! Wish I had spotted this earlier!!
  • The results are in. After a long tournament, DrTyore and Thyiagu reached heads up, played for a while, then split the remaining prize pool, and dealt a single hand to determine a winner. Our 2023 HORSE Champion is DrTyore!

    **Final 2 split the prize pool, and final 4 left $10 each for 5th
    1st - DrTyore ($205) - 40 points
    2nd - Thiyagu ($205) - 28 points
    3rd - Zithal ($110) - 23 points
    4th - Kanga ($80) - 20 points
    5th - Beanie42 ($40) - 18 points
    6th - Bigmac (BUBBLE) - 16 points
    7th - DataMn - 15 points
    8th - King Mob
    9th - Beach2002
    10th - Moose
    11th - EdTheTed
    12th - JohnnieH
    13th - Captain Optimism
    14th - Vijay
    15th - Dumbfishy
    16th - ThisOrThat

    2023 Player of Year (Top 15)

    While there was a bit of shuffling, the Top 10 remained the Top 10 as we head into the last few months of the season!


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