Milly In Philly Trip Report


Congrats to local players Alan C. & Ginzi G. on cashing almost U$100,000 in Pearl River Resort! They had almost no cashes on HendonMob as of last year, but after taking advantage of the FREE room, meals, alcohol & entertainment in Mississippi to take their shots ala Wayne Gretzky, Alan has two championship trophies & over $90,000 in HendonMob live earnings. After Alan chopped $20K each with EdTheTed in March & getting the trophy, Alan defended as the $1,100 Freezeout Event Champion for $23,500.

Ginzi cashed U$14,905 in the $300 Big Monster Stack Event, along with the Ladies Event pictured above & 2 other events! There were two $200 Rookies Events for those who have less than U$25K in HendonMob earnings.


As for me, I Bingo-ed & bagged three times in the first three flights of the Golden Ticket Event #1, winning $4,200 in bonuses along with another tax-free cash in Day 2. We had a flip at the beginning of Day 2 for a $10,400 WPT World Championship seat & a local guy with zero HendonMob earnings was the lucky winner. I also ended up with a $10K WPT seat so I will be driving back to Wynn Las Vegas in December.

If you want to join members EdTheTed & moose at the next Milly In Philly on October 19-30, contact Barry S. Kruger or PM me. I will be playing at EPT Cyprus & Malta Poker Festival in October, so you are safe from my Bingo, LOL.

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  • Here is the schedule for October 19-29. The two $200 Rookies Events are on October 21 and 27. Good luck to EdTheTed & moose.


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    Let it begin.

    Caesar's Southern Indiana


    Booked at Pearl River Oct 18-30 (fr**)
  • Hey it's a room and it's f*ee



    Crazy gas bar in Alabama. 238 pumps




  • Let there be pokerz. 4-8 dealers choice game.

  • Players breakfast (*ree)


    Food/drinks are right in the tourney room so you don't have to go anywhere.

  • Solid reading material for the pool. 80 today.

  • Day 1 Dinner

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    DaveT cashed the Rookie event last night for 5th place $1652



    EdtheTed cashed day 2 of the 350k today for $918


    I cashed the Senior event today in 6th for $2321, 11 hrs of poker on 4.5 hrs of sleep after railing Dave until 3 am last night.



    Someday maybe pokerforum will fix the photo orientation tags

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    Low budget and I don't seem to have an issue posting picks. Does anyone else? What are you using to post pics with?

    Where's our resident web guy when you need him?

    Congrats to both of you on your results... I assume it is an event you would recommend?
  • I take pictures on my phone. The pokerforum software is not picking up the orientation codes and posting the pictures in the orientation of the phone when they were taken. Ie landscape photos are posting sideways. Works fine in Facebook, other websites etc.
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    Great time the last couple days.

    First we made our own 4-8 Omaha game with a half kill.
    Lol sticky note table card. 4eiube32vily.jpg

    Fre* Catfish dinner


    Just a completely different vibe from any other poker series I have taken part in. Lots of time spent chatting with the other players we have met on and off the felt. Mostly a really friendly group. Jam night at a local mexican restaurant led by one of the dealers and floor supervisors. Lots of players, dealer and sups socializing. Even our own EdtheTed showcased his skills.


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    2nd last day DaveT and I register ®️ for the 2nd Rookie event. We both final table and with a deal of $200 for 9th and 10th place we are ITM.

    Dave busto in 9th and I finish in 8th for $528. Summary Dave 3 tourneys 2 FT, moose 4 tourneys 2 FT. Dave total $ finishes 5+9=14, moose 6+8=14. We also both semi-ironically bust with AK<1010.




    ITM champagne. We killed the bottle.




  • Congrats to moose, EdTheTed, DaveT, Alan C, & Nick B who took full advantage of the fr** room, meals, alcohol & entertainment, and made final tables. The next opportunity will be on March 13-24, 2024. All six of us & the other Canadians who have made a final table this year qualify for the GCP Tour Championship in March, where there will be added prizes.


    I missed out on this trip as there was a date conflict with the Malta Poker Festival 🇲🇹, where I BINGO-ed winning an event.


    The next MPF is on April 22-29, when hopefully moose, Yves F & other Canadians will be going.

    Wayne Gretzky - You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
  • Pearl River is a great series and they certainly “treat the players right”. Everyone loves it. It is a two day drive and I stayed overnight in the Elizabethtown Kentucky area where there are several inexpensive hotels.

    The October series ended well with a decent cash in the Main Event ($600 buy in). There were three “Day One Flights” with total buy ins over 700 but 284 actual people entered. I ended in 13th place for $4,431.
  • Congrats to moose & EdTheTed on being invited in the list below to the GCP Tour Championship in March 2024. The added prizes last March included a $10,400 seat to the $40 million guaranteed :o WPT World Championship next month & it will be more of the same. Tour Championship.html

  • and DaveT
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    In case anybody else will be joining EdTheTed, Nathalie, June, Line, Nicola, Pat, John, Barry, Bingo, etc., at the next Milly In Philly on March 13-25, 2024, let me know.

    I will share their posted schedule on Facebook next week. It will be very similar to the October schedule below, with 2 Seniors Events, 2 Rookies Events, Ladies Event, & possibly a team event on March 25.

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    Here is the tentative schedule. The buy-ins are very affordable at $150 - $600, along with SNGs. Cash game rake is only $5 max, unlike the $20 at Woodbine & the new Pickering Casino poker room starting on Monday at noon. If you want to join our Team Canada in the GCP Team Invitational on March 25, message me.


    Wayne Gretzky - You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

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