Interesting concept for different type of poker tournament

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OK, gotta admit I stole this from 2+2 but I would be game. >:)

All players pay the same buy-in to enter the event, but they start the tournament with different stacks - according to their current age.

Player name: John
Age: 53
Buy-in: $100
Starting stack (chips): 53 000

Player name: Maria
Age: 28
Buy-in: $100
Starting stack (chips): 28 000

Player name: Comp
Age: 75
Buy-in: $100
Starting stack (chips): 75 000

I think it would be very interesting to see who gets to the final table and who wins. I also think that seeing the value of your age is a good thing and it would also make everyone's chances more balanced. After all, live MTT often depends on player's endurance, not only skills.

This would account for the times I have to take power naps for a few minutes and miss a few hands.

It might even persuade BigBob to make a comeback... ;)


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