WSOP Trip Report

TLDR: I cashed in 5 consecutive tournaments. I was interrogated by CBSA, had all my cash counted, & she contacted the airline to pull my luggage out that was supposed to go direct to Toronto.


A bunch of the OPT members cashed, including EdTheTed or TedTheEd or Ted or whatever my Pearl River buddy’s name is, LOL. I made the final table again of the same $400 Golden Nugget Seniors Event with over 500 entries for the second summer in a row. At the final table, the shortest stacks were desperate for an ICM deal so I asked the biggest stacks if they were willing to consider a deal. Golden Nugget surprisingly let the players count our own chips without checking or adding it all up to compare with the total chips in play. The TD gave us the ICM numbers & Yes / No buttons. We all voted anonymously & to my surprise, we got the unanimity required to approve the ICM deal. I was taxed 30% after deducting the $400 buy-in. :/

I posted what I analyzed to be the best-value tournament in my Facebook poker group. I cashed 3 out of 4 times in the WSOP CASH mega satellites!


Golden Nugget lets you play the Super Seniors Event as long as you played in their previous 50+ Seniors Event. I cashed again, ending with 5 consecutive cashes.


I celebrated my cashes by going with a friend to "ROUGE - The Sexiest Show in Vegas!", BrewDog, SkyPod, Yama Sushi, Chart House, Umami Sushi, & Buddy V's.


At the electronic kiosk at Edmonton International Airport, I declared that I had over $10,000. The Canadian Border Services Agency pre-screener asked how much at the lineup & when the other passengers heard, they were amazed that somebody was coming from Las Vegas a winner. The female agents wrote my estimate in red marker & told me to go to the very end.

Another female agent in full body armour - who I told westside8 looks like Neve Campbell from Scream & Wild Things >:) - asked me questions. I first handed “Neve” all my Canadian dollars & she counted it. She counted all the US dollars, phoned for the exchange rate & totaled it all up. Even though the Westjet employee in Las Vegas had told me that I don’t pick up my luggage until my final destination of Toronto, Neve told me that my luggage will be pulled off the plane. I signed my life away in a form & waited.

After awhile, she told me that they can’t find my luggage. It was hiding from CBSA & I got it later when I landed in the poker wasteland of Ontario. I asked her questions on what I can do around the area during my long stopover.

She let me go. I asked her if anybody ever told her that she looks like Neve Campbell, but she is too young & didn’t know who that is. I should have said Jenny Ortega instead.

I stayed in the best value resort by far of as low U$13/night at Rio Suites. westside8 & a few other players thought I was insane for walking to the Strip, but it took me only a healthy 18-minute walk from the Rio exit to the WSOP Horseshoe entrance. It obviously helped me in being energized & cashing in five consecutive LONG tournaments. I told "Jenny" that players are as scared of border agents like her as they are of walking from Rio to the strip & she laughed; she said they are both easy peasy.

Next up is to go with EdTheTed & over 20 other people to take advantage of the fr** room, meals, alcohol & entertainment at Pearl River Resort, with 2 Rookies Events, 2 Seniors Events, & the very popular Golden Ticket event which made its patent-pending debut at MGM Grand.


Wayne Gretzky - You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.


  • Congrats to member Walt (don't remember his handle). After "finding a bag" for over 200,000 chips for Day 2 of the record-breaking WSOP Main Event, he won the WSOP weekly Seniors Deepstack for U$11,000! I wanted to play this Wednesday tournament but there was always a conflict with my other events.
  • Congrats to Walt on cashing another U$17,500 in Day 4 of the WSOP Main Event, along with Thomas Taylor.
  • Be sure to watch the start of the WSOP Main Event final table today at 4:30 pm ET, such as YouTube PokerGo. There will be a big announcement & you may see a bunch of Canadians in the background, including my Canada jersey & flag, LOL.
  • I believe PokerGo is only showing it to paid members isn't it? Is there a free showing anywhere?
  • edited July 16
    I think at least the first 60 minutes will be free on YouTube. 🇨🇦
  • Turns out it was the first 2 hrs then back behind the paywall.
  • Great trip report. I did cash in the Monster Stack (field over 8k) and Millionaire Maker (field of 10,400). Tournaments were great, crowds and prices were brutal. Las Vegas is such a party town it is crazy. Piece of pizza $10. And at the WSOP breaks you are in competition with thousands of other people for food.
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