2023 WSOP First Time in Vegas

Nicole and I arrived in Vegas yesterday at 5pm local time. This is my first time at the WSOP and Vegas for that matter.
I feel like a kid in a candy store. I've already seen Ivey and Deeb at final tables.
Playing the Senior $1000 Day 1b today. More updates to come.


  • In for final table....

    The candy is great...!
  • starting stack is 20k blind levels are 60 minutes
    after first level I'm at 24k
  • well, first break of the day and I'm at 12k, blinds will be 200 / 300, 300 ante.
    The hand that cost me, blinds were 100 / 100, 100 ante-
    utg raises to $300, I call, with Kc Tc, button raises to $1k, utg calls and I call.
    flop is Qc 9c 4h - checks to button, he bets 2k, utg1 raises to 5k, with 5k behind.
    I shove and get utg to call but I brick and am down to 15k
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