Doyle has Passed away

I was lucky enough to meet him at my first cash in the WSOP. Have the picture hung in my poker room.
Toronto Pimp


  • Was plying the 5 diamond years ago and they put our tournament table in Doyle’s room. There was the most annoying female player on our table and Doyle had them move our table way out to where they sports book was. She was really loud and kept bothering the big cash game players. He was a gentleman the few times I met him and he would always take a picture with a respectful fan.

  • Sad day for poker. He was a legend.
    Toronto Pimp
  • IS a legend. Legends never die.
    RIP Doyle
    Toronto Pimp
  • Ironically I was playing a NLHE tourney last night and watched someone make a straight flush with 102o for a big pot against the Q high flush.

    LOL. His ghost must be manipulating the RNG.
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