Congrats on winning U$20,000!

Congrats to EdtheTed on chopping for U$20,000 at Pearl River Resort! Ted was eligible for the Rookies Event, but is now at least the third Ontarian who took a shot & no longer eligible with over $25,000 in HendonMob winnings. He chopped with Alan, who only had $2K in winnings before he took shots at Pearl River & now has over $57,000 in winnings. The third former rookie who took a shot at Pearl River now has over $40,000 in HendonMob winnings & just won a WSOP ring last month!

The Canadians dominated in March, with 3 of them in the above photo in the final 9 of the $1,100 Freezeout.

If you want to take your shot with free room, free meals & free drinks on July 20-31 like EdtheTed, PM me THIS WEEK. The schedule will be similar to the one I posted before for March, when five players from my Facebook poker group had five first-place wins!


There were 24 Canadians, with almost half female. EdtheTed & others carpooled. I plan to drive to Las Vegas in June, then Mississippi by July 20. The family-friendly Geyser Falls Water Theme Park and the largest campground fair in the US (Neshoba) will be open.
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  • Congrats @EdtheTed !! The all in face!
  • Congrats Ed, or Ted, or whatever the hell your real name is. 😂
  • Congrats Ted, well done!
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    I also made $1900 for 14th place in the $350 Monster Stack event. I heartily recommend this series. Great hotel, lots of 'lower buy in' tournaments and an *amazing deal* available through BlondeFish! Definitely worth the 18 hour drive!
  • Congrats, Ted. Well done. :)
  • Here is the schedule for the next free poker vacation on July 19-31. There will be two Rookies Events for those with < U$25,000 on HendonMob, along with 2 Seniors Events, Tag Team, & a 4/8 Limit Mixed Meet-Up Game. At least 16 Canadians are going so far, including EdtheTed & Bingo.

    Warning: if you go on July, you may no longer be eligible for the Rookies Event next time, like what happened to EdtheTed & other Canadians after cashing >= $20,000. B)


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