Senior Canadian female player abused

When this happened to a senior Canadian female, what should the TD do?


When I helped organized a lot of my Facebook group members to invade the Irish Poker Open pre-pandemic, we all had fun with a Canadian member winning the Main Event. One problem was that same TD neglecting to disclose the tournament structures before we travelled and only after repeated requests did he finally disclose them in the middle of the festival! Otherwise, there were a lot of alcohol 🍻 & shenanigans with the Irish, Norwegians 🧝🏻‍♀️ & Canadians.

I have played with Louise in the WSOP US Circuit & in this case, it looks like this big guy kept bullying & abusing her. The floor already removed him, then the main TD that was never at the table overruled them.


  • This is kind of nuts and Poker is getting a really bad black eye lately all over the place with all the behind the scenes dealings and cheating and streams being shut down. TD need to understand that this hurts the whole industry not just their tournament. Based on this story I would never let the TD direct again. you get one chance to do the right thing and they failed at this one. Now every story has two sides and I don't like making judgment without seeing both sides but this kind of crap would not surprise me!

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  • There's tons of misogyny in a male dominated activity? I'm amazingly shocked.

    No wonder so many females don't want to get into poker.
  • So I had to do a double take when I saw this thread title on the Discussions page…


    Maybe we need a different font for the thread title vs the last commenter? 😳
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    FU trigs?

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    Here is a screen shot of my friend's post on Facebook on what happened after the Irish Poker Open when a fellow Canadian went missing! The TD was busy helping the Canadian before releasing a press release with an apology to Louise Francoeur.

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