Comp heading to Vegas Apr 25 to May 2nd.

I don't suppose anyone else is there during this time but I am going because 2 other couples that I know well are going there for 4 or 5 days. I am going for 7 nights because I got flights cheaper that way. I have 5 of the nights comped (other than resort fee of course). Got the comped nights because I had so much trouble reactivating my MLife card and because of that they decided to be nice to me. :wink: I sure don't gamble enough to get comps any other way.

I know there are no particular tournament series during that time but I will play some poker/tourments when I am not doing doing touristy things with my friends. I am even renting a van via Truro real reasonably. Anyone else done that?


  • Are you selling any action Jeff?
  • I'm not even sure what I will be playing, likely some daily's but most of them are so fast as to be completely bingo, maybe that's good for me??
  • I was in Vegas a few weeks ago and one of our Uber drivers also rented cars through Turo. Haven't heard of it before but looked it up and they have great deals. Was thinking I would also go this route next time I'm there. Good luck!
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    Yep, rental cars used to be cheap in Vegas pre covid however no more. I remember 5 years ago renting mid sized cars for under $100 for a whole week, while other places would be several hundred.

    Parking cost is an issue because most of the casinos charge $20-25 per day. If you are smart and rent from a Truro owner who keeps cars on the strip you can park it back there when not using it for free. I will give a report here when I come back to let everyone know how it works out.
  • Heading off tomorrow, via Flair, hope they don't have my plane repossessed. Will update when I can, promise..
  • Safe flight Sir and kick some ass like you usually do. Nobody there knows that you only play 1 hand every 90 minutes.
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    Nice thing about Vegas. Every time I play a hand I just switch tables... Even planning on a 6 people drive out to the West Rim, never been there before.. Kinda touristy of me though.

    Likely play some PLO at Aria as well. Trigs has prepared me... mmmmm, play in position, keep it smaller until after the turn and then hammer it. Draws then have less chance and odds, they will call anyways but that's what we want.
    Toronto Pimptrigs
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    Just landed and waiting to deplane, 80F outside
    Toronto Pimp
  • So are you still waiting to deplane or did you burst into flames when you hit that 80 degree heat? 😏
  • Card Dead wrote: »
    So are you still waiting to deplane or did you burst into flames when you hit that 80 degree heat? 😏

    Nap time obv.
    Card Dead
  • Oh crap, I heard there is midget convention at the MGM Grand……….. Comp may not make it to the poker tables.
  • Time for a wellness check?
  • moose wrote: »
    Time for a wellness check?

    I am pretty sure this is one of Comp’s aliases.

  • I'm ok guys but have only played a total of 6 hrs of poker so far, all at MGM. These midgets are real easy to bluff everything goes right over their heads .
    Mostly hanging with work buddies and some if their friend, one of whom is celebrating his 50th. None play poker but they do gamble. Playing 100 a hand BJ is more Pimps game certainly not mine.
    Lots of good food though. This is a different Vegas trip for me though. Thi k 6 of us are going out to Canyon West tomorrow but this bunch not many will survive that long and those that do may fall in.
    I think they all leave Sunday so that will leave me 2 days to get serious. Not even one tournament so far.
    Am up about 280 playing only 1/2. Interesting though that there is no max buy in.
    Still would like to play some Omaha at Aria but haven't had a chance for that either.
    Toronto Pimp
  • Well, since this trip has been very touristy compared to my usual visits there isn't much poker content, sorry about that. Yesterday was way tiring compared to sitting at a poker table.
    I had a van rented and 6 of us went to Hoover Dam, then Grand Canyon West on the Indian reserve. Very tiring, my knees ache today, Poker never does that. Left at 10 back about 6:00 and to Ellis Island for good old chicken and ribs. It was my suggest and while the ribs were still great the sides weren't. Beans were cold, corn was soggy, cole slaw was just ok. I miss it being at the front with the brewery. Just not the same. I'm in the daily 160 area Aria at the moment and it's crunch time so will add more later.
  • OK, update, adding to Saturday, we watched the leaf 3rd period and O/T at Ellis after we and another table of Canadians hassled management to find it. Some sort of minor league BBall and womens something, rugby maybe? That was what they had on.
    Since most of the rest were leaving yesterday I finally got a chance to play the Aria daily at 1pm ($160.) Best part of this was not the tournament though. I paid got to my seat and realized I had lost about 80% of my roll, approx $700 US and $800 CDN . I only had the CDN with me in case I needed more as I have found that buying US in the US seems to be cheaper for some reason. Anyways apparently I had dropped it near the cage. I rushed back before I even played a hand and reported it at the cage. They seemed to essentially brush it off and said they hadn't seen it. I went back to my seat kind of sick to my stomach. I know for Pimp this is tipping money but it does mean something to me, maybe because I was brought up during the depression..:)
    Anyway 15-20 min later a very official looking and well dressed gentle man tapsme on the shoulder, asks me my name and asks for ID. I gave it to him and he tells me that security cameras caught it dropping and they followed me from camera to camera to my seat. He said I should have reported it but I said I did, to the cage. He told me to always report something like that to a sup as they have the power to check cameras. 15 min later I had all my money back neatly rolled in rubber bands. I tried to tip him $40 but he wouldn't take it. Kinda cool how the eye in the sky is always watching, guess that's why you never pick up chips that aren't your because they will see you. They identified everything without it even being reported to them. I asked him but he wouldn't tell if an employee found it or a customer. I can picture some poor guy who picked it and being spread eagled as he walks out of the poker room or casine. Would have loved to have known. He told me that the resolution on the cameras now are so good that they could see that it was CDN and US and even read part of the S/N's. Be warned, lol.
    Anyways, class act Aria..
    Toronto Pimptrigsmartinmc13
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    Oh yeh tournament result, poop.. I didn't get in until the 3rd level, 200/400 with 20K so already at 1K per orbit, pretty short. All totally unplayable hands really, I raise once in late position to 1100 with A,10 off and BB slams it to 3K. After some deliberation I folded.
    Finally got it in with 7,7 in late position after 2 limpers. Blinds at 500/1K and I have 13.3K. BB who was very tight and I though would fold calls with A,J off. EP limper Q,Q shoves a little more than me, maybe 15K, mid position limper also shoves a little less than me and then the BB is forced to call off most of his stack of maybe 20K with what looks like a crappy A,J. Board helps no one and QQ takes it all, knocking 2 of us out and crippling BB. If that QQ hadn't been there (or I hit a 7 which would have been better) I would have quadrupled up to about 55K and been sitting pretty with 55BB. I know, shoulda, coulda, woulda.

    I kinda chuckled at the ep limping with QQ because earlier he did the same thing, Won that time too. He says that everytime he raises with QQ and A or K comes on the flop and he is forced to fold. Apperently he plays the daily's at Aria 4 or 5 times a week so their must be something to his stat... :wink:
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    Ok, back in the land of the living...

    Summary, flights both ways on Flair were cheap, well organized, and on time. Not much else you can ask from a budget airline.

    Vegas is way more expensive than a few years ago, unless perhaps you are a big time player (tables or slots). Used to be that I could make enough at the poker tables to either make my costs or at least a big portion of them.

    Porn slappers (both regular and (midgets for Mike)) are way down. Saw very few on the strip.

    Hoover dam is still good and free

    Grand Canyon west is a ripoff, $56. just for the entry fee, then up from there. North face, while much further away is much better.

    Ellis Island BBQ is still ok, ribs excellent, but moving it to the back and closing the brewery takes a lot away from it IMHO..
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