Blue Jays Tickets for Sale

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200 Level Infield
Sec 228R, Row 7, Seat 3, 4

Any pair from the games below $160 (below face)

Alternatively I can get any game and any number of tickets in the 200 level but seats are not guaranteed. Seat exchanges are available starting Mar. 1, so the sooner a game is chosen, the better the seat selection. Also prices will go up due to dynamic ticket pricing once the season begins.


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    4 Tickets Sat. Jul. 1
    Sec 118L
    Seats 107-110


  • We would like May 17 against the yankees
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    You got em
  • Tickets left

    4 Tickets Sat. Jul. 1 Straw Hat giveaway $600 (only single seats remain for this game)
    Sec 118L R30 Seats 107-110

    2 Tickets Sat. Jul. 29 Angels $170 ($177 value)
    Sec 228R, Row 7, Seat 3, 4

    2 Tickets Sat. Sep. 16 Red Sox $200 ($205 value)
    Sec 228R, Row 7, Seat 3, 4
  • After attending the New York Yankees Opening Day <3 then its World Autism Awareness Day game 2 days later (both shutout wins), I've caught baseball fever. I want to go to the April 12 game & the Home Opener Celebration at Real Sports on April 11.
  • Angels tickets sold.
  • Red Sox seats Sat Sep 16 $200

  • Fucking stupid pcf image system.

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    You mean like this? Didn't really seem too hard.. B)

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    Angels tickets sold.

    Chance to see Ohtani, who wouldn't snap these up?
  • Went to the series in Pittsburgh last weekend. What a ballpark! Highly recommend.

    We had 3rd row outfield on Saturday and 5th row behind 1st base on Sunday.


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