WSOP 2023

So just looking at this year’s schedule, and looking at heading down the week of June 20 for 5 or 6 days.

Based on the event dates, I qualify to play in the seniors event this year, by two days! 🤯

Anyone else interested in going that week?


  • Think ill be doing 3rd to the 14th. Waiting to see full schedule
  • I will be down from the 21st to 28th. Staying at Bally's. If I make the final table at Super Senior event I will extend one day (like that is going to happen, lol). Have been going for 5 years. Lots of fun. We should meet up for a coffee or drink.

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  • Is there a super super seniors this year? 75+
    Not that I know anyone like that.....
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  • Full schedule is now posted here

    Super seniors is on the 27th.
  • Can i identify as a super senior?
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    Can i identify as a super senior?

    I think you can pull it off. They wouldn’t even ask you for ID. 🤪
  • I booked for June 18+ for Seniors Week out of habit, but since travelling to Las Vegas once every year is enough, I prefer to visit in December during the WPT Wynn World Championships, Venetian DSE, Resorts World Road to PSPC, etc. & may cancel the Caesars Diamond booking.
  • Confirmed for the 18th-24th
    Flying Swoop out of Hamilton for $185 all in
    Staying at TI for $925CAD all in

    Planning to play two events:
    Event 44 $1500 Mixed Omaha on Jun 19 and Event 46 $1000 Seniors Championship on the 22nd

    As well as assorted cash games as available

  • We are thinking of the same time frame Glenn. Devon wants to play the seniors. I’m too young ;) LOL
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  • niks1 wrote: »
    I’m too young ;) LOL
    aww, poor girl! :p
  • niks1 wrote: »
    We are thinking of the same time frame Glenn. Devon wants to play the seniors. I’m too young ;) LOL

    Ok but If we draw the same table and I flop a set the first hand, I’m folding to any bet. 😏
  • Thinking the Super Seniors June 27 and then if I bust out day 1 play the $600. deep stack championship on the 28th. They have an S level of 50 and 59 respectively.
  • Not sure if it has been answered but super senior is 60 plus. I am there 21 to 28.
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    Anyone flying swoop or westjet down to Vegas in the next 2 weeks?

    ** never mind this post. Deal made.

    See some of you down in Vegas!
  • I'll be there June 30 - July 6th. Plan on playing the Colossus, the Mini-Main, and trying a super-sat or two to the main event. (Then daily deepstacks or possibly events at other properties for the other days)
  • We really need to put some respect on these players here who grind out the series... 2 straight days of grinding just the O8 event and im mentally exhausted.
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