Online poker in Ontario

Is it worth my time to play online in Ontario, considering the geo-fence that has been mandated by law?


  • I play cash a lot but the tournament fields are really small. I do see that other countries are allowed to also play on so it looks like they are opening it up to other places that are willing to follow the regulations Ontario has set. I was playing cash last week and saw flags from other places other than Canada
  • The flags are irrelevant. You can choose to display whatever flag you want, but you still have to physically be in ON.
  • You are right sorry i though WSOP set them based on your IP address.
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    This is what I do.

    On, Jump in a tourney with <20 mins left in late reg. Usually you have 10-15 BB. Blast all in with first decent hand. If you double up, you're practically in the money. If you lose, at least you didn't waste 4 hrs getting to this point. :) Rebuy and go again. I've done alright with this strategy.

    Plus, the PLO field is pretty weak, going by the results I'm seeing. ;)

    They also have decent rakeback (I've gotten $10-15/week on microstakes and I don't even play much) and a promotion going on now where the top point getters daily split $5000. Small fields means you don't have to play long to get free money. I was surprised. Anyway, that's my experiences on the wsop site.
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