trouble accessing Poker Stars

yesterday i wanted to play the Big10 at noon....i clicked the icon on my computer but i had no access..tried again later..nothing..tried this morning nothing...anyone else experiencing this?


  • I get "game not accessible" faults quite often.

    I just keep trying and after a while it works, dont know if that would help with tournament registration.
  • I haven't experienced any issues with PokerStarON (other than my 'variance' being well below EV).

    Software not connecting

    If you're having trouble establishing a connection, here are some tips.

    Restart and reconnect
    Restart your computer and turn any network equipment connected off and on again. Network equipment can include devices like your modem, router, access points, etc. Next, make sure your internet connection is working, then reopen our software. If the issue remains, try configuring your security software...
    (maybe firewall or third-party security software blocking connection, see help article for further instructions)
  • Furthermore,

    "Desktop: Lobby issues - Clearing the application and lobby cache

    If you're having issues with our lobby, seeing a red error page, graphical issues, or loading issues, we recommend clearing the application and lobby cache from our software.

    To do this, follow the instructions below, depending on your operating system:


    Close our software. You won't be able to delete the required files while our software is open.

    Open the 'Run' command window ('Windows key + R').

    Type in: %temp%

    Delete these folders:

    'XCW' is the application cache. [located ???]
    'PokerStarsBrCache' is the lobby cache. [located C:\Users\<userName>\AppData\Local\Temp]"

    paraphrased instructions from:
  • i managed to get back on.........but boy its slow.....thanks for the help, but i am a technical retard so i didnt dare do anything....i just went direct to the Pokerstars web site and i got i have 4 Poker Stars icons on my computer lol
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