Thinking of a quick Vegas trip out of TO 4 nights, Feb 27-Mar3

Flights and hotels are cheap(er) this week, any other interest?



  • I would have gone with you Comp, but I’m going next weekend for 4 days.

    Swoop out of Hamilton, $180 return. 😏
  • Yep pretty cheap, I'm looking at Feb 12-16 now, Swoop, $206.

    Where are you staying? Hotels are cheap(er) that week as well.
  • Staying at the Delano
  • edited January 17
    I'm booked for Feb 27 to Mar 3. I'm staying at the LINQ.
  • I highly recommend checking out the $5 Bomb Pot PLO double board game at Ballys on Friday night. Its a ton of fun.

    Don’t play the one at Resorts World on Thursday tho. It sucks.
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