WSOPca Last Player Standing---Bounty Hunter Tourny

I'd like to try to get a Last Player Standing side bet tournament(s) going.
Ideally at least ten players from this poker club sign-up. And we'd all join
say a $10.50 Bounty Hunter Tournament (no late registrations) and have a side bet of $25 (negotiable).

Boxing Day would be ideal for me but Date and Time to be negotiated by parties interested.


  • ^^^above 'prop bet' still open. My schedule is flexible and open to negotiation.
  • Also check-out:

    Which has 'express satellites' with only needing from 2 to 4 players to participate.
    Maybe we could arrange a time to play one. No monkey business.
    Just acquaintances in a 'poker club' joining a game at the same time.

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