888 Poker Ontario Account Migration

Hi all,
For any Ontario players who have accounts at 888 Poker, did you see your balance in USD before the migration to the Ontario site, and CAD after the move? When my account was moved, I'm positive that the balance shown in the client did not change, which convinced me that I was playing in USD on the Ontario site. When I tried to withdraw, I was told that my balance was in CAD. But I know that the balance was the same as pre-migration (I was expecting the balance to increase by about 30% after the transition).

I spoke to support and a Manager at 888 about this, and they all said that I had much less USD than what my balance showed, despite the balance currency being set to USD. And the tournaments I was playing were listed as USD, and I saw that exact amount decrease from my balance.

Did anyone see their balance in CAD instead of USD before the migration? I'm trying to figure out how my balance could not have changed. I was positive I had my full balance in USD but at the same time it seems unlikely that I would be the only one to have some account issue with the currency conversion.
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