Options Post-Ontario Regulations

Hi all,
I've been mainly an MTT player and want to know what options there are now - ideally I would like to play larger MTTs during the day, but maybe this is no longer possible.

I was going to sign up for GG Poker, but I see that it has now fenced in Ontario on WSOP.ca. Maybe this isn't kosher to discuss publically here, but is it possible to use a VPN to still access GG Poker? If so, would this cause an issue cashing out to a Canadian bank (with main branch in Ontario)?

If that isn't possible, are there any international sites Ontarians can still access that have a decent amount of volume for MTTs? I thought I heard that we can still play at bodog but maybe that isn't the case now.


  • I would like to know legally also if this is okay. If I'm choosing to go around Ontario regulations that are there to protect me, am I allowed to do it?. My fear is that GG poker we'll say it's against the law for Ontario players and taking my money
  • I would also like some clarification around this. My understanding currently is that it isn't illegal to play on unregulated sites - a great number of players continued to play on sites like GG that hadn't fenced off Ontario yet. So they were technically playing on an unregulated site. My understanding also is that while not illegal, players are taking the risk that there could be shady dealings or other issues with the site. Apparently Igaming Ontario will audit the regulated sites to make sure everything is safe.
  • Yeah Ontario can't do a thing to help you if you play on an unregulated or un-sactioned site. I want to know for sure because wsop.ca does not have a large field at all! I was looking at their tournaments and we can fill more people in a Kitchener live game than they can all over Ontario!!
  • Haha yeah thats pretty much what I've seen too. Maybe over time people will congregate at one site so the volume will be better.
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