The adage says something to the affect of "lottery systems" are for people who aren't good at maths?
Maybe some lotteries are best NOT to win.


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    Notice the high-lighted numbers 04, 06, 07, 09, 14, 15, 50 which has an interesting distribution of six < =15 & 50.
    I'd take an uneducated guess that another similar set six number <= 20 and one high number will win. Still close to infinity
    taking a wild "guess" are picking the winning numbers.

    Also note that there were a couple of 'double winners' so that means if by sheer chance of stupidity some other fool
    chasing the pipedream of a sliver of that sweet rancid goat semen pumpkin cheesecake. By happenstance chooses the
    same set as you. You's have to split the creamed pie.

    Which is why one method of choosing lotto number is a sequence of nearby numbers so on the off chance
    the universe decides to bless you with undue riches. You can have your cake and eat it too.

    Olg dot ca website says that $12,000,000 was dished out. Believe it or NOT ?

    I personally go with 'quick pics' as whenever I hear in the news someone won a crackpot they said they just bought a quick pic on a whim. Which may be the every insincere media churning out terminological inexactitudes. Following the premise of 'buyer be weary'. For this was post on 69 days before Winter Solstice ?

  • Like I'm imagining a shortstory where a winner goes on a tirade as to why they choose those numbers.

    Well, I was 16 when I bought my first Camero and 32 when I bought another.
    Met me first wifie when I was 23 etc ... isn't it ironic ?
  • joke of the day

    I went to a gypsy psychic (the one on the right hand side on the way to Guelph) she said I'd die rich.
    So I stay poor !!!
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    lol, I know him well, he's a neighbor and I have fixed Antoines and his wife computers a number of times.
  • Lucky mfer
  • NH… SIR! 😒
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