Low Games Hand Rankings

So thanks to @Trigs 🤪, I’ve been playing a lot more hi-low and also low games like Razz and Badugi lately, and it’s got me wondering why low hands are still ranked starting from the high card. To me, it would make more sense that you start from the low card, since it’s a low hand.

So, in my mind, A3578 would beat a 23457 for the low, but in reality it does not.

Anybody know why this is the case?


  • I don’t think I could get behind A2JQK beating 23567, but maybe that’s just what I’m used to.
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    Because then you would need a different set of rules for games with a qualifier, like stud8 and o8 vs no-qualifier games like 2-7 triple draw and Razz.

    Ie. You think A5678 should beat 23467 in o8 but then 267QK would also beat 34678 in 2-7 and Razz
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  • Ok, I get that logic, and that’s a real reason, so much appreciated for that perspective.

    I don’t think you necessarily need a separate set of rules for qualifiers tho. You could still have an 8 or less qualifier and then rank starting from the lowest card, but I see where that can be viewed as contradictory.

    And yes, I’d be fine with A67QK beating 23467 in Razz. No different than A6523 flush beating KQJT8 flush in high games.
  • If we ignore that an A would play as high in "normal" poker, A3578 (8-high) would beat 23457 (7-high) in normal poker, so 7-high wins in lowball poker.
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