Comped Resort Poker Room

In case any poker player you know is interested in the next comped resort stay on March 9-19, 2023 in Mississippi, let me know. Ted, Pat, June, Shannon, Angela, Angie, Ginzi, Alan, Stuart, Barry, Grant, Mike, Eric, Mark, Bill & Richard have already reserved a free room, as the limited number of free rooms will probably be gone by October.


There were around 20 Canadians, almost all recreational players. Read about the Canucks' many cashes @ "Alan Close of Canada (they are cashing everything) won U$20,000 for second."

The cash games were even juicier, with only $5 max rake or 30-minute session fee. I have never seen such crazy cash games, with a $30,000 pot in the 1/3 game. I personally saw a friend win a $45,000 pot in PLO. The biggest pot I heard was $60,000 in 2/5 PLO. One sore loser was complaining about losing to the Canadians in the cash games this year & he couldn't wait for us to go back to Canada, LOL.

Even Allen Kessler was there, getting staked for buy-ins as low as $350. :o He made some positive posts about the High Roller Event, Kem cards & free drinks. "Complainsaw" did complain about a ruling where he tried to angle shoot using his knowledge of the technical definition of Substantial Action. Canadian pro Grant & the dealer confirmed that the first player to act was thinking & did not have enough time to protect his hand before out-of-turn checks & complainsaw was the 3rd quick checker to try to angle shoot for a free card on the turn or possibly even try to kill the first player's winning hand. I talked to the TDs who correctly ruled based on the best interest of the game & fairness, instead of complainsaw's angle shooting.


Underground player had only 3 small HendonMob cashes since 1998 but won over $25,000 in two events!

Local player Stuart making the final table & qualifying for the GCP Tour Championship in March.


Free multi-course dinners & most breakfasts, along with free alcohol & Kessler-approved drinks

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