Poker Class!?

I had a couple students come to me the other day and ask if I'd help them run a poker club. I said I'd be interested. I also said that I highly doubt the principal of our Catholic high school is going to allow us to practice gambling, but feel free to ask him anyway.

To my complete and utter astonishment the principal said yes as long as there's no actual gambling (i.e. no money involved at all).

I haven't had a chance to sit down with these students to discuss what exactly they are wanting to do yet, but I thought I'd post here and ask for some suggestions. I'm thinking that we could set up some sort of league points system and just play tournaments for points and bragging rights. I'd prefer a cash game style of play, but I don't see how that would work without actual cash being involved.

Some other "lessons" I was considering (I have no idea what level these students are at btw but I'm assuming they at least know what hand beats what):
  • styles of play (i.e. TAG, LAG, etc.)
  • basic poker math (drawing odds, pot odds, etc.)
  • different variants (most likely a lesson for a much later date)
  • basic blinds/antes format for tournaments
  • how to stack chips (probably a good basic lesson to learn)
  • importance of position
  • starting hands by position
  • general etiquette and basic rules (one player per hand, don't act out of turn, don't string bet, verbal is binding, etc.)

Any other suggestions? Anyone have a decent league points system that isn't too overly complicated?


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