Poker appetizers (appz)

I know most of you'll are competent players but wanted to know if anyone'd care to share a neato poker app that they use. Maybe for studying via rote (or practising) or who knows what ingenious programmers has/had come up with?

Aces Up Media is good

I bought the 'Poker Hand History Keyboard' and have a remaining ~$8 of Google Play $ to spend.
So I guess I'm also maybe looking for any cool app that I could buy with my remain credit before it expires.


      • Poker Stove - for checking ranges (not sure if this one is still available technically, but I think you can find it if you search around)
      • Poker Bankroll Tracker - keeping track of bankroll
      • Bravo Live - checking live casino game action
      • Deal Maker - working out ICM and other deals in tournaments (requires me to last that long though, but still have the app nonetheless)
      • Blinds Are Up! - simple blinds app just in case; can always cast it onto a bigger screen
      • Snap Shove - practice app for push/fold situations; pretty good and offers a decent amount of variety
  • MrCaspanMrCaspan Admin
    edited September 2022
    +1 for Poker Bankroll Tracker its what I use to keep track of my games and live sessions

    Snap Shove I feel like is a great app also. its like golfing most people practice their long game but ignore their short game (putting). This is the same, this is the short game when it comes to poker. Learn what hands you should be shoving under 20 BB or what ever number you use!
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