$125 No Limit Hold'em Bounty Tournament

September 24th, 2022
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I am hosting a tournament on Saturday September 24th

$125 Texas Hold'em Knockout Tournament
($100 Buyin + $20 Bounty + $5 High Hand)
15k in chips
25 minute levels
40 players max

If any players are eliminated from the tournament within the first four levels I will allow waitlist players to enter if they so choose with a regular starting stack. Will only apply to people who show up that are on the waitlist though.

Top 5 get paid
Located in the Brigadoon area of Kitchener
(Address will be sent out closer to the date to those who need it)
Doors open at 1pm and starts at 1:30pm
Parking available on the street

Cash games will open as players are eliminated
Eliminated tournament players will get priority for cash game

*No Rake*
Any and all money collected goes to prize pools and/or players
Any and all new players are welcome provided someone has either played with and/or has vouched for you.

No Ignorant Asshole policy always in effect



1. Kwmatt
2. SteveP
3. Andy W
4. Mark A
5. Falloon
6. Chris B
7. Vaibhav
8. Ana
9. Cam
10. Mario
11. Karthik
12. Kal
13. Ryan Wils
14. Josh
15. Mike Tex
16. Shankar
17. Rick S
18. Mike G
19. Proffisher
20. Henri
21. Bastien
22. Marcus
23. Denis M
24. Barno
25. Max K
26. Brian L
27. Clint
28. Brian W
29. Ryan Willi
30. Janhavi
31. Davvy

1. Henri B +1


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