Bechtel Doon South game #6 July 16, 7pm

July 16th, 2022
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Bechtel Doon South Main Event #5

- capping at 25 players
- players must be 2x vaccinated and passed their two week incubation period
- those people show me some sort of proof of this (the papers from your shots) or have already been vetted (eg. Attended previously)
- players I have met and or have someone vouch for them from the community are welcome. New players we will consider for some future games (sorry, but I'm new to hosting and we are kind of doing some test tourneys).

Freeze out tournament, cash game to follow. BYOB / BYOS. Please drink responsibly. Ample parking near venue, address provided in personal messages as needed.

Tournament: $50 buy in freeze out
CASH GAME: . 25/.50 CENT ($100 MAX) (as an option, another SNG or alt cash games could dictate buyin)
Date: Saturday July 16, cards in the air 7 pm. Doors open 6:30 pm.
Location: Bechtel Drive (Doon South area of Kitchener). Address shared with confirmed attendees.
Masks / PPE will not be required but no "mask shaming" will be tolerated for those who prefer to wear such. Hand sanitizer will be around and accessible. The gaming area is a sizeable basement with areas to eat away from the table, side tables for drinks available.


1. Drtyore
2. Clock work girl
3. Beach2002
4. Karthik
5. Shankar
6. Sanjay
7. Holymackana
8. Edtheted
9. Addicted
10. Itsame
11. Ray
12. Otto
13. Fernando
14. Mr. Caspan
15. Falloon
16. Waltsfriend
17. Jaylitner
18. Ashladda
19. Tbd
20. Tbd
22. Tbd
23. Tbd
24. Tbd
25. Tbd
26. Tbd



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