Hammer Poker - Saturday July 2

July 2nd, 2022
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Super Hold'em - Pot Limit Omaha - Big O round by round

July 2 - 7pm start
Location is in Hamilton
$0.50-$0.50 blinds
$100 buy-in with rebuys/add-ons up to 50% of biggest stack

1. trigs
2. g2
3. Datamn
5. moose311
6. Jeff

Trying to get a game going for next weekend. Please post or PM for a seat. I will run the game if we get at least 6 players.

Super Hold'em Rules:
Each player gets dealt 3 hole cards instead of 2. Board cards are dealt out like regular NLHE. Players must use one, two, or three hole card to make the best 5 card hand (i.e. you can't play the board and use no hole cards at all).


  • where is the location of this?
  • shankargv wrote: »
    where is the location of this?

    Oops, sorry. Just assumed everyone knows lol. Game is in Hamilton.
  • Bump for this Saturday.

    We have 6 so game will run but would be nice to maybe get a couple more.
  • :( Down to 4 players. If we don't get to at least 6 by Friday, I'll have to cancel.
  • You can count me in, if you can get another player
  • Nice @DataMn.

    Can we find one more? Just got a new smoker so was planning on supplying smoked sausages for everyone.
  • Sounds like a sausage fest !
  • Cancelled. Sorry everyone.

    Next game hopefully beginning of August.
  • Should have signed up, plans fell through
  • woog30 wrote: »
    Should have signed up, plans fell through

    Next time.
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