September 8-19

moose, Ted & a bunch of other people have already expressed interest, so put September 8-19 on your calendar in case you or any poker player you know are able to join us for the fre* poker vacation at Pearl River Resort in Mississippi. All the Canadians who went last month had tax-free cashes, with at least seven final tables!

Shannon made 2 final tables (including the High Roller Event) plus a third cash, for six figures, which means that she has graduated from playing in the Rookies Event with the $25,000 HendonMob maximum. Eric also had 3 cashes & 2 final tables, including winning the double mystery bounties of Maurice Hawkins & Greg "Fossilman" Raymer, earning an autographed fossil.

The closest airport is Jackson, MS. Another option is to drive or carpool, which is what Ted & Pat may arrange. Feel free to post questions or message me.



  • Blondefish, I may be interested in this. I am not on Facebook but please pm me your email. Thanks.. Jeff..
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    With Las Vegas winding down, a reminder of our next group trips:

    1) Fre* vacation on Sept. 8-19, including Seniors Event on Sept. ~16.
    2) Returning to WSOP Aruba, September 22 - October 2.
    3) WPT Taiwan, November 11-21.

  • How come you are not in the pic?
  • Somebody has to take the photos & reward the birds with food! Anybody on Facebook can see the hundreds of photos from Aruba, Dominican Republic & other group trips.
  • We expect at least 30 Canadians to take advantage of this FR** poker vacation between September 8-20, so in case compuease or anybody here wants to join us, PM me soon.

    compuease wrote: »
    Blondefish, I may be interested in this.

  • OK, but how is it "free"? ie, what do we need to pay for?
  • It is like the other casino resorts that comp your room, meals & alcohol to fill up the hotel & casino during a slow period. I will submit the list of over 20 Canadian players today to get their room. Hopefully westside and others can join us.

    Here is s website with the structures, including a $150 Rookies Event restricted to those with less than $25,000 in HendonMob earnings.
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    OK, but how is it "free"? ie, what do we need to pay for?

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    Too expensive to get there.. I consider that as part of the rake... I don't eat enough (or drink at all) to make up that. Rooms I generally get through points anyways, especially over the last 2+ years of accumulation. Almost everything I buy goes through my points Visa, even quite a bit of business product.

    Surprised you aren't outlining rakes for these events, that used to be your forte..
  • I drove there in March & May, & it cost me < $100 in gas. Others who don't have a lot of vacation time are flying for ~$451 round-trip. There are six U$1,500 High Roller entries given out, of which a local female player won last time & ended up cashing her freeroll for U$ 5,873 tax-free. See the photo below of the live streamed final table.

    I have to drive back early after the September 16 Seniors Event & free breakfast.


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    BlondeFish wrote: »
    I drove there in March & May, & it cost me < $100 in gas. Others who don't have a lot of vacation time are flying for ~$451 round-trip.
    3500km round trip (and approx 35 driving hours, no thanks) for less than $100 in gas??? What were you riding a motorized bicycle? In my vehicle that would be about 450 litres, so perhaps $700? Current cheapest flights are over $600. Way too much rake. If you are doing this as vacation, understood but as a financial decision alone = not a good deal.

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    I drive an autonomous vehicle & used the Gas Buddy trip calculator going to Pearl River, Mississippi. Please post what you get from

    There has not been a casino tournament in Ontario for over 28 months, so there has been a lot of Canadian players travelling to WSOP Aruba, Caribbean Latin Series of Poker, WSOP Alberta & other Circuit stops, Las Vegas, etc. The best value out of all those is by far the comped Pearl River Resort. June, Greg & I maximize our EV by playing in the the best-value places, so we can afford to keep travelling to the more expensive poker destinations. For example, my future trips of WPT Taiwan and WPT World Championship $15 Million Guaranteed would cost a LOT more.
  • Ok I am well aware of gasbuddy, no secret there but what autonomous vehicle do you drive that gets you round trip to Philly, Mississippi for <$100. ?
  • I have a modified Toyota. What cost did you get to drive to Pearl River? Before my road trip, I'll take a screen shot & can post it too.
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    What the heck is a "modified Toyota"? When I use gasbuddy I get a cost of $366. USD with a savings of $87. so significant. I would guess CDN that would be about $585. with the hassle of getting off the highway into smaller towns to get the cheap gas. Going straight through likely under $700. but not that much. Still far from "free"...
  • I bought comma three openpilot to make the car autonomous without ever having to touch the steering wheel or brakes on the highway.

    Gas Buddy shows my cost as only $94 to Pearl River. I’ll probably detour to theme parks on the way back so I’ll figure that out later.

    The $9,000 High Roller free draws, several Main Event seats given away on Facebook, no daily resort fees unlike Las Vegas, free 4-star resort room, free meals, free unlimited alcohol, $5 max rake cash games for as high as 2/5/25 straddle PLO, 2 world-class championship golf courses, etc. makes this the most +$EV & positive Life EV vacation for poker-starved players, which is why over 25 Canadians are going. Anyway, hopefully Wes, Ted, Neil, Matt or others can take advantage of this next time they offer this comp.


  • No thanks...
  • BlondeFish wrote: »
    Gas Buddy shows my cost as only $94 to Pearl River.


    This would only make sense if you have a hybrid electric car that charges itself when you’re using petro. Not really sure how those work in terms of mileage split. You are never getting 40+ mpg from a traditional gas powered vehicle.

    I was chatting with a guy at Niagara last weekend who went to this and he confirmed that the hotel and food in the tournament area were indeed comped, but he did say that almost all of that food was low quality and deep fried, so he ate elsewhere most of the time.

    He said the biggest reason to go to this is that the fields were very weak since it’s in the middle of Nowhere, Mississippi, and the biggest reason not to go is that it’s in the middle of Nowhere, Mississippi. 🤪
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