Play with a Curling Celeb! - Saturday May 21

May 21st, 2022
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Hey all!

Just a casual night and local legend Peteski is back in town! So I'm hosting a smaller game to reconnect and take as much money of his as we can!!

When: 7:30 p.m. (Doors open at 6:30 for socializing puposes)
Where: Bechtel area - PM for details
How much? : Cheaper night, I was thinking $40 to make it worth the drive from out of town
Who?: First two tables worth of people.

1. Peteski
2. Drtyore
3. Karthik (T)
4. Clock work girl
5. Itsame
6. Peteski +1
7. Peteski +2
8. Peteski +3
9. Datamn
10. Peteski+4
11. Tbd
12. Tbd
14. tbd
15. tbd
16. tbd
17. tbd
18. tbd
19. tbd



  • In please
  • I cant make it since it's the long weekend.. I can join if it gets moved to Thursday by any chance
  • Friday is better for me
  • Little bump here

    I'm only gonna run if I hit 8 people, so if you're sitting on a fence, maybe lean towards yes! The weather always sucks on the May long weekend anyways! Also, slight change to the time, 7:30 vs. 7 start time.

  • BTW, I like how the Kitchener games don't even have to post what variant is being played anymore >:)

    (Free bump)
  • FU trigs. Lol

  • And if anyone wasn't sure... It is NLHE.

  • Looks like this game is a go for tomorrow night, barring anyone suddenly backing out!

    See you all then!

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