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June 1st, 2022
Good Day Poker Pholks

The first game that I hosted at the Hall (Cave Sports Bar) was October 10, 2008. The last game played was March 13, 2020. Many people have been asking my when my return would be. I would like to inform everyone that the Cave Sports Bar has been sold. The closing date is April 29, 2022. First I would like to thank Ana (Faria) and (Jose) Andre for the many Friday nights that we got to play. I want to thank all the People that came to the Cave Sports Bar. It was a venue where cards were played, friendships started and bonds that were forged. I will miss my Friday Nights. At this time I am currently looking for a similar place like the Cave Sports Bar. If you have any ideas or any places that would host, please let me know.

Thank you Everyone



  • MrCaspanMrCaspan Admin
    edited April 2022
    Thanks Allen I have moved this to General Poker Chat as this section is for hosts to post upcoming games to be put in the games calendar. I really hope we can find a new place for these games!!
  • I know my dad and I would prefer you to stick closer to KW than Hamilton
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