Pokerstars Home Game Tonight

I'm hosting a Pokerstars Home Game for tonight at 9:30pm. Right now I have 6 players and looking for another 3 to fill the table up. It's a $100 buy in and will send payouts before game time.

Is there anyone interested?


  • $100 for me is a little pricey that's why I don't play these games. I think $50 is my limit for games but that's just me. Some of us have a bankroll you know ;)
  • I completely understand, if there was enough interest at $50 I can change to that, we normally do $100 as only been getting 5-7 players to juice up the payouts but I'd rather 2 table, 18 player tourney if that meant at $50 buy in
  • it's no problem it's just where my limits is at no need to change it for me. Now I just saw your post for the $550 game.. I would love to be able to afford a $550 game and not worry about losing haha
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