Moose limit mixed cash game

March 26th, 2022
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Crazy Ocean Pineapple

Other games can be substituted by consensus vote.

$3/6 limit with half kill to $4/8

7 pm start

1. moose
2. waltsfriend
3. Falloon BANNED
4. tortablecpt
5. woog30
6. Moose311
7. mmoose


  • Interested if we get enough players, not interested if we are short handed.
  • lets go. i'll run this game with 6
  • Just a thought. Maybe change the title to
    Limit mixed games; see if that sparks interest?
  • I am in and willing to deal the games if you like. I won't be able to go really late though. I would need to leave by 1:00 a.m.
  • Need one more person by tonight or I will have to cancel game. :(
  • I'll play. Just to confirm, it is Saturday night, not Friday?
  • moose311 wrote: »
    I'll play. Just to confirm, it is Saturday night, not Friday?
    Correct. Saturday the 26th. It’s not tonight
  • Ok 6 is enough to play.
  • I hate to be the guy but I have to cancel. We have friends coming to visit us tomorrow. Terribly sorry. I was really looking forward to some limit cash.
  • In in please.
  • Still at 6
  • Sorry Moose. 6 isn't enough.
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    Falloon wrote: »
    Sorry Moose. 6 isn't enough.

    C'mon man. You can't cancel at 3pm the day of the game after saying you were in at 6 handed. You are screwing everyone.
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    I joined when you had 6 to be 7. I was hoping for 8 but would have played 7. Starting with 6 has no stability.... The game could break almost as soon as it starts and I have to drive an hour to your place so I just can't do it. Sorry everyone.
  • You joined after Shtebs backed out. Making the game 6 handed. That is nice of you to insult the other people as unreliable when you are the douchebag.

    FYI I missed my father in law's BBQ today because I was hosting a game. I've been sick the last two days but instead of cancelling on everyone I stayed home to sleep. My wife just came home now with her sister and SHE will play and leave her sister by herself to keep the game going. I'm sure other people rearranged their day to play tonight as well. Without your name on the list this game would have been cancelled yesterday.

    I put a lot of effort in this week to run this game and stated that the game would run with 6. If that is not acceptable then don't fucking sign up the day before 6 handed and then bail last minute because now 6 is not enough.

    I've never heard of such fucking bullshit.


  • 6 handed.

    Because my wife is going to step up and play.

    Game on.
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    Dunno why upside down.

  • Is that a new table? Cup holders in the rail are nice.
  • It's kind of an older table but yes rail cupholders are the best. Plus no racetrack.
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